Sep 10, 2020

The world's first Quantum Computer was connecting with banks since Sept. 01, 2020?

In the last few months there was a world war between the new financial system called Quantum and the old system called Swift. Swift system belongs to Rothschild and The Federal Reserve System (FED).

Late August, a secret meeting between the head of state and financial personnel of China, India and Russia, which is the most powerful country decided to launch the world's first quantum computer, was organised and though not announced. But as you know happens, it is available worldwide from September 1.

Initially, many banks around the world shut down in the UK for two days and reopen on September 2, which has already been synchronized with quantum system to be able to do this on Friday 4 From midnight to September to adapt. We are closed until 22. Many domestic banks don't do any transactions during this time and people can use ATM only.

Go to YouTube video link:

Now I'll briefly explain what the new financial system is. The new financial system is completely digital and will replace the Swift system. New currency has been created in recent years. Its name is GFR (Global Financial Revolution). Let's make another name. Not completely sure that it will become a world currency and will replace the dollar. But recently, many global transactions and payments happen to use this type of currency. OneCoin has been around for a long time and we are excited to be the current cryptocurrency to gain more market share than other world markets.

This process has begun and this inclusion has led to Rothschild. It should be beneficial to the people.

The new digital currency worldwide is part of the currency used in 194 countries. It's important to include OneCoin in this currency asap to get bigger share in the market.

Compiled by Doan Huu Long
Date 10 September 2020


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  1. Mary Mone said: SWIFT is the Brussels based association of banks and central banks that makes international electronic transfers happen. It belongs to its operatives. SWIFT also doesn't process payments, it allows syntax payment instruction messages on an agreed format to be transmitted between financial institutions