Sep 5, 2020

Logistics For Dealshaker E-commerce

The Dealshaker e-commerce platform is the most important factor in the Onecoin ecosystem that has been launched since 2017, but it must be admitted that Dealshaker is not developed as expected.

After more than 3 years of operation, the global Dealshaker has only grown to more than 130,000 merchants (sellers) and more than 600,000 users (buyers) compared to the target of 1 million sellers and 10 million users set by the Onelife Group. There are a lot of objective causes for this problem because the last 3 years was a very difficult period for Onelife Group with nearly 200 cases, lawsuits, events, even irrational office raid and arrests proceed by authorities of some countries, aiming to oppose Onecoin's development. But it must be recognized that there are many reason from the Onelife group opinion, like the original policy required that the Onecoin ratio in transactions should be at least 50%, collecting up to 25% of the fiat money (Euros) from the transactions. While Onecoin does not have liquidity yet, the merchants who sell goods in high rate of Onecoin will have deficit of cash to turn their capital and even get loss. In addition, approval procedure of deal and merchant registration, payments of deals and and bonus are delayed and high fees cause many merchants to join Dealshaker for short time and have to quit. The Onecoin delay on the exchange also has a negative effect on Dealshaker's development. There was a flourishing period of high-value goods such as houses, land, cars, etc. but the validation date of that deals is always recorded after the date of estimated listing Onecoin on the exchange and then when the launching Onecoin is postponed indefinitely, these deals are also lost. The situation of Dealshaker Vietnam is the same as general situation in the world.

However, the picture of Dealshaker has been obviously changed since the beginning of 2020. After a period full of difficultíe, when the lawsuits, slander, prevent has eased, Onelife Group has stabilized, restarted to push on again activities. The first step is to rearrange and stabilize the company organization, then develop Dealshaker and improve and upgrade the company's information technology (IT) section, including the launch of a new, faster, more powerful blockchain with more features, and more capacity.

During the global event of Onlife Group from 21th to 23th August, 2020 in Romania Onelife Group has redefined the target of 1 million merchants and 10 million users, and even set a deadline to achieve this goal in just two or three years. To support the implementation of this task, the company has introduced many changesinnovation in policies, facilities, and improvements to new technology to create more convenient for merchants and users, helping Dealshaker to develop more rapidly. The issues of electronic wallet will make buying and selling and other transaction more convenient and faster. Transaction authentication using OTP codes and facial recognition will make transactions safer and transactions without internet, which are the most advanced technology today will make a trade easier, more convenient and popular. In addition, the merchant and deal approval ,procedure will be simplified, all kind of fee will be minimized. These improvements will certainly support Dealshaker to thrive and support Onecoin stronger because in Dealshaker Onecoin is used to buy goods which means it is already the true currency. These above states also clearly show how determined the Onelife Group is to achieve its goals?

Early 2020 in Vietnam, when the new Board of Management with enthusiastic leaders decided to take responsibility for developing Dealshaker Vietnam, the situation had also changed basically. First, the the Board of Management reform the organization, re-establishment the network of Dealshaker branches in the cities, provinces, then the Board established the Dealshaker Vietnam joint stock company to unify and gathering the strength and potential of the Vietnam Dealshaker community. It is very impressive that the Dealshaker VN company soon after its establishment and formation of organization had made essentional and specific steps to develop Dealshaker. The company leaders turn to go around the provinces and cities in the country, contact merchants and manufacturers to find new sources of goods with competitive prices, a reasonable rate of Onecoin to provides for the merchants and users. The company also organize Dealshaker fairs, organize forums, Zoom weeky meetings to advertise merchants and goods, guide and train members about use of Dealshaker and so on. With the advantage of a large community of Onelife members at home and abroad, Dealshaker VN company has signed a series of effective contracts with great quantity of goods and services at competitive prices. Many members who were not previously involved in Dealshaker are now interested in buying and selling. A new atmosphere is flowing to Dealshaker VN where new Management Board implement new policy aiming to maximally support merchant and users. Quantity of goods grows day by day and are enthusiastically received by merchants and users. With the innovative directions and specific steps of the new Leadership, it is certain that Dealshaker Vietnam will thrive in the coming time. Vietnam's Dealshaker development experience has been concerned and learned by many other countries to follow.

However, by observing the activities of Dealshaker VN over the past time, we can see a significant obstacle that is slowing down the development of Dealshaker VN. That is the problem of logistics or in other words the problem of warehouse, transportation, delivery of Dealshaker. In the current Dealshaker e-commerce platform the proportion of goods and services that must be delivered on-site (such as hotel services, beauty treatments, etc.) or goods in digital form which can be sent via the internet only accounts for a small proportion. The rest are goods which must be delivered to buyers in the spirit of e-commerce. Up to now, most deals in Dealshaker often offer two options for buyers: redeem at location and self-organized transport and recommend that buyers should contact in advance with the merchant. Such delivery mothod makes difficulty for buyers, especially when the deal is from far provinces or from abroad. Many buyers, even though they really want to buy something, but when looking at the delivery terms as above, often give up the idea.

This is in stark contrast to the delivery method that is implemented by the popular e-commerce sites/company in Vietnam (such as Lazada, Tiki, Sendo, Shopee, etc.). They ensure delivery of goods to the door of the buyers or to co-operate with suppliers who can guarantee direct delivery to the buyer. To do this, e-commerce sites/company must organize a professional logistics system effectively managed, including warehouse, packaging, shipping, and forwarding. The advantage of these e-commerce sites is that the number of deals is large, the source of goods is concentrated, so it is possible to organize the delivery of goods to the buyers' hands with a short time and reasonable cost. Transportation costs (if in the inner city and not large) may be waived (or included in the price), borne by the buyer or partly supported by the seller.

In terms of delivery, it is clear that the current Dealshaker can not fully undertake the delivery to the buyer and is less competitive than other e-commerce sites/company. The fact that Dealshaker requires the buyer to pick up the goods at the place of sale or take care of the shipping is a wrong policy, making in many cases the purchase and sale impossible (for example, buying from a remote province or from abroad). This is also contrary to the spirit of e-commerce and that has made Dealshaker slow to develop. Recent Dealshaker usually requires buyer to contact the merchant in advance to know or to discuss the time, method of receiving the goods, can send the goods etc. This is also a very troublesome and discouraging thing for buyers, especially when the merchant is in a non-native language. Buyers will not because a certain item is far away, no matter how reasonable the price, how high quality of good is, so go looking to hire a shipping company, make trust papers, etc. to receive the goods. Meanwhile merchants sell goods to many people, so it is much easier to contact a shipper with a reasonable price. This weakness in shipping and forwarding caused Dealshaker to lose a large number of customers and it can be seen that Dealshaker could not thrive without overcoming this weakness. On the other hand, we also see that it is not easy to organize delivery at a reasonable cost for Dealshaker because the number of merchants is large, but the deal number of each merchant is not much, the merchant's address is scattered in many places. The shipping and forwarding of Dealshaker is not only delivery from warehouse to buyer (B to C) like other e-commerce sites but also from merchants to buyers (C to C). So need to find a suitable forwarding partner.

The problem of transporting, delivering goods to the buyers of Dealshaker is a very big and extremely important issue for Dealsjaker's development, so to solve the need for co-operation and coordination between the Onelife Group and the Dealshaker companies/organizations in countries and merchants. We have some suggestions for policies and measures of forwarding and delivery as follows:

1. Onelife Group will negotiate and sign contracts with 1 (or some) international forwarding company to deliver Dealshaker goods between countries in a global network, each country is a node of the network. This international forwarding company, if there is a domestic network (in the merchant's country or the buyer's country) will arrange the domestic shipment, otherwise cooperate with the appropriate domestic forwarder. The principle behind this is to consolidate many single-delivery services together for a lower cost. Shipping charges are collected by the branch of the international forwarding company in the buyer's country (or its domestic partner) upon delivery (usually collect together with the good cost).

2. Dealshaker company in different countries (for example Dealshaker Vietnam) will sign contracts with 1 (or more) domestic forwarding company to deliver Dealshaker goods nationwide. All Merchants use the shipping network recommended by the company to generate a large amount of shipping and to achieve the most reasonable cost. Delivery fee is collected by the shipping company from the buyer upon delivery according to the specific content of the contract (usually collected with the cost of goods).

3. The Company stipulates that the delivery of goods to the buyer is the merchant's responsibility with the cost borne by the buyer, added to the price or as otherwise agreed between the merchant and the buyer.

4. In the deal (offer) on Dealshaker, the merchant needs to specify the detailed delivery conditions so that the buyer understands without contacting the merchant, for example: Whether or not to deliver to the buyer, to deliver to the estimated time and cost, method of collection and shipping cost etc.

We believe that with the innovations in account management, improvements in information technology, security methods and payments, after solving the above problem of shipping and forwarding, Dealshaker will become a preeminent commercial platform and boom. Onelife community we will achieve the goal set for Dealshaker and that will push the Onecoin on the exchange as well as support the value of Onecoin when it is listed.

Ho Chi Minh City, September 4, 2020
Nguyen Tien Dung MSc


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