May 15, 2020

When the Onecoin Exchange will be open?

Listing Onecoin is definitely the word most mentioned by the Onecoin community in the past. This is easy to understand because that is what members have been waiting for and waiting for years while thousands of other crypto coins (cryptocurrencies, digital currencies) have been born later than Onecoin but manage to list promptly on the Exchange, trading for a while, faded and has disappeared or is waiting for the volume of transactions to go to zero and leave forever.

All of these exchanges have no legal licenses and all rely on the oaths, promises and guarantees of exchange owners. Currently on the market there are more than 5,400 coins listed on different exchanges and 99% of them have gradually lost liquidity and disappeared quietly. Only the owners of those coins are busy counting how much they have earned from these ICOs or others are preparing for the birth of the next coin...

Meanwhile, Onecoin is still silent, still hidden and still silently, patiently overcome all difficulties and challenges to implement its own plan towards the goal of Dr. Ruja's vision. The languishing for years, the Dealshaker and Oneforex are in the Onecoin ecosystem not developing as expected, anti-sabotage, slander, litigation, even investigation and arrests of hostile forces, the slander of Onecoin haters has broken spirit of many Onecoin members. The immediate financial difficulties of some members who have invested in Onecoin beyond their ability, invested with loans, and mortgages (contrary to the Onecoin company's recommendations) have made many members unsettled. Many people lose confidence, some are annoyed, complain even dissatisfied because failing to liquidate Onecoin leads to some bad public opinion.

So let's analyze the situation on of the Onecoin Exchange, hoping making predictions about how and when the Onecoin will be listed on the Exchange? by finding answers to frequently asked questions about this.

Does Onecoin need to be listed? This question seems a bit silly because the answer is so simple, clear and well known. If not on the Exchange, how can Onecoin reach the large community of users around the world, how to become a real currency, a means of payment really like the idea of ​​Dr. Ruja and how to assert the position and role of the coin as well as of the corporation on the market. For members, if Onecoin is not listed, how can it be liquidated, how to recover capital, how to close profits and confirm victory with Onecoin. Although selling Onecoin on an exchange is not the only way to liquidate Onecoin because we can also use Onecoin to buy goods on Dealshaker and sometime when Oneforex goes into operation, we can sell Onecoin to buy another foreign currency in the currency pair.

Who wants Onecoin to go on the the Exchange? Seems like a question too easy for anyone to answer. Yes, of course the members not only want but also expect, wait, aspire ... Onecoin on the Exchange, especially the leaders because they simply have more coins. If Onecoin goes to the Exchange and the liquidity is set at the Onecoin company's price, how many families will be saved, how many people will be changed, how many people will become rich. When Onecoin on the Exchange, in many places, especially in Vietnam, there will be many "Onecoin millionaires" (calculated in USD or Euro). There are no specific statistics but it can be felt that in Vietnam members mention the number of tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands or even millions of Onecoin very gently while in other countries, especially those participating in Onecoin later they have less Onecoin than us and they seem to treasure every penny. If the number of mined Onecoin (about 85 billion) is divided by the current number of members of 3.7 million, on average each member owns only about 23,000 Onecoin. However, these coins are not evenly distributed and this average number in Vietnam is probably much higher. There is one more person who wants Onecoin on the Exchange more than all of us, that is the Onecoin company. Only with the current blockchain with a capacity of 120 billion Onecoin (will soon increase to 250 billion), the market capitalization of all coins (according to the Onecoin company's price) is more than 5,000 billion Euro (about 5,500 billion USD). ). If the Onecoin company retains 20% of all this coin only, the Onecoin company will also have a market capitalization of more than $ 1,100 billion, which is larger than any other company in the world today. To imagine we can compare this market capitalization with the companies with the largest market capitalization in the world today (March 2019) such as Microsoft 905 billion, Apple 896 billion, Amazon 875 billion, Alphabet (parent company of Google) 817 billion, Bershire Hathaway (of Warren Buffett) 494 billion, Facebook 476 billion, Alibaba 472 billion or more than Vietnam's largest company Vingroup nearly 18 billion USD. Looking at the above figures, it can be seen that the corporation is also very eager to bring Onecoin to the Exchange because only when Onecoin has liquidity will the Onecoin company be able to actually turn Onecoin into a true cryptocurrency in the sense of Dr. Ruja and the Onecoin company itself become a world leader.

How did the Onecoin company miss appointment for listing?

It is true that some members are annoyed because Onecoin slows to the Exchange. Some lost faith, failed to overcome difficulties before them, and had no patience and had to sell Onecoin cheaply. Especially when Onecoin has a temporary difficulty when it is being prevented and prevented by governments of some countries.

As analyzed above, the Onecoin company is also eager to put Onecoin on the Exchange, so how has the Onecoin company tried to do this?

Those who hate Onecoin always give Onecoin a slanderous tone of Onecoin are Ponzi system, multi-level business, no blockchain, can not be listed and the Onecoin company offers some time to go on the Exchange is just a promise, scams etc. So we often see how the Onecoin company has planned to list Onecoin on the Exchange and why not yet successfully?

Some members complained about a lot of terms that supposedly Onecoin will go on the Exchange and when that term is over but nothing happens, but that number of terms is just speculation of people, not official statement of the Onecoin company, for example, birthday of Dr. Ruja, Onecoin's 5-year anniversary etc. supposedly chosen by the Onecoin company as the Onecoin listing date. In my opinion, the Onecoin company has made 3 official announcements to list Onecoin on the exchange but for objective and force majeure reasons, these plans have not been implemented.

The first time the Onecoin company announced the plan to list Onecoin on the Exchange was the announcement of Dr. Ruja at a global conference on May 12, 2017 in Macau, clearly stated that in the first quarter of 2018, it will IPO (public offering on stock exchange) Onecoin company (although not explicitly said but all people know that it will IPO on the Hong Kong stock market) and Q2 / 2028 will list Onecoin on the exchange (ICO). This announcement shocked the financial world. However, after that, the IPO plan in Hong Kong stock market failed because the Chinese Government turned 180 degrees, completely banned cryptocurrency and therefore the plan of ICO and putting Onecoin on the exchange could not be implemented. There are also a number of other effects that make the Onecoin listing plan impossible, we will mention shortly.

(Onelife meeting in Vung Tau city 09 May 2020)

The second time the Onecoin company issued an ICO plan was in October 2018 after the IPO in Hong Kong failed and led to the unable to ICO Onecoin. Immediately after this announcement, the Onecoin opposing forces launched a campaign of opposition, obstructing the powerful Onecoin, culminating in the case of the German and Bulgaria prosecutor's office, raid the Onecoin office in Sophia, collecting documents and Onecoin's server for investigation in January 2018. After more than 3 months, a report of more than 600 pages on the search was issued, it did not find any mistakes of Onecoin but also proved to help Onecoin really have blockchain, but this investigation has interrupted the operation of Onecoin for at least 6 months and so the ICO plan of Q2 / 2018 Onecoin is automatically canceled, and the plan to go to the Exchange in October 2018 will also be difficult to implement. The Onecoin company's white paper published in October 2018 replaced the listing date on October 8, 2018 with an Onecoin listing (Onecoin ICO period) from October 2018 to the end of 2019, in which the Onecoin company selling new OFCs (called new OFCs or OFCs in ICOs) can be converted into Onecoin for new investors (also Onecoin coins), but the difference in the way it is received because the members get Onecoin is from mining) with tokens donated when purchasing education packages, while new investors buy these OFCs to invest in Onecoin).

The third time of the plan to bring Onecoin to the Exchange announced by the Onecoin company on December 18, 2018 is the end of 2019. This is also the time when the new OFCs have been completely converted into Onecoin and in principle, the Onecoin company must open the Exchange for these new investors to trade. This time is also the time when the expectation of Onecoin members' liquidity is also very high, especially when Onecoin has been born for 5 years. The proverb has the phrase "more than 3 busy three" and this time it is correct. Shortly after the Third Onecoin company announced the Onecoin listing time, the incident happened as some of the betrayed leaders left, and culminated in the case of March 6, 2019, when the US government arrested Konstantin Ignatov being the CEO of Onecoin and imrprison him until March 12, 2020 when he was released without any charges. Obviously, when the head is arrested, the plan to list Onecoin will be seriously affected.

It can be seen that at least 3 times the Onecoin company has planned and tried to bring Onecoin to the Exchange but has encountered tremendous difficulties, force majeure issues, so it has not been successful and so far ICO has not been up yet. However, the expected times on the Exchange are the speculations or desires of the members rather than the Onecoin company's announcement.

(Onelife meeting in Vung Tau city 09 May 2020)

How does Onecoin change listing policy?

In early 2019, when announcing the preparation for Onecoin listing, the Onecoin company announced that it had worked with nearly two dozen famous cryptocurrency exchanges in the world and also published a list of these exchanges. Although there are no details on what the Onecoin company has been working with these exchanges? The outcome is but can be speculated that at that time under pressure from the members to make Onecoin liquidable, the Onecoin company seemed to intend to list Onecoin at the same time to a series of largest exchanges of the world.

At the same time, the trend of not using cash is to grow stronger and stronger. Many countries like China, Singapore, South Korea, Sweden etc. Announcing the upcoming release of its cryptocurrency, many other countries are quietly researching the issuance of digital currencies because of its advantages as a payment and remittance tool. JP Morgan Bank (USA) announced it will issue its JPM coin. In particular, the event that Facebook technology company manages the social network with 2.4 billion users announced that they will corporate with 28 other companies release cryptocurrencies named Libra. This shocking news world has accelerated pre-digital projects.

Legally, most countries, financial institutions, criminal banks etc. of the world are towards a unified view that digital currency is an indispensable development trend of money due to its outstanding advantages but at the same time digital currency must also meet the requirements of centralized management, Traders must be identified (has KYC) to be able to control transactions, prevent money laundering (AML) and terrorist financing (CFT). In summary, digital money must be issued in a centralized manner (with the responsible entity) and must be safe from being exploited for criminal activities. The European Council has issued a Directive on the fact that digital money must have KYC, AML / CFT to be accepted and requires countries in the block to amend the law accordingly. Following the G20 Conference in Osaka, Japan (meeting July 2020) also made the same requirements for digital currencies. Even the US Treasury Secretary recently made the same opinion about cryptocurrencies.

Obviously, among the thousands of coins in the world alone, Onecoin is only one, which meets the above requirements to become a legally accepted cryptocurrency. Thanks to Dr. Ruja's insight, the coin that was created more than 5 years ago has been designed to meet the requirements for a legitimate cryptocurrency that 5 years after the regulatory agencies launched.

The Onelife Group immediately recognized the opportunity of Onecoin to be the only coin that could become a legitimate cryptocurrency and so decided to change the Onecoin listing policy. The Onecoin company decided to give up on existing illegal floating exchanges and decided to open its own digital currency exchange by itself. This will be a public, legal, licensed platform of the Governments of the countries and with the permission and cooperation of the Central Banks of countries. The exchange will also allow other major cryptocurrencies and other popular fiat currencies to enter the exchange.

When can Onecoin be listed?

Changing the policy of the exchange is a very important and very important decision, it takes Onecoin in a new direction to ensure long-term sustainable development for Onecoin. However, this change will somewhat slow down the day Onecoin is listed.

In order to implement a new strategy on the exchange, from the middle of 2019, the Onecoin company sent an application to open an official exchange to many countries around the world and from May 2019 Onecoin members received weekly Be informed about the preparation for this exchange. The Onecoin company has also done a lot of work such as setting a number of Exchange regulations on the limits, fees, cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies that will participate in the transaction, etc. In general, almost all of them are ready and only one step away from the Onecoin exchange. However, by the end of 2019 and early 2020 everything seems to be stagnant, some leaders are not patient enough or betrayed, the weekly reports are not sent anymore, the license information is not updated. more. Most recently, the Covid-19 epidemic froze most operations.

So, what is the final step to open an exchange? This is the official license for opening a cryptocurrency exchange. In order to grant Onecoin a license, governments must rely on these crypto currency / asset laws in their country. However, so far only a few countries have enacted laws on cryptocurrencies such as Japan, Germany, Singapore, Malaysia ... Many other countries including Vietnam are still studying to develop the law. Several other countries have regulations and guidelines on cryptocurrencies but have not yet codified them.

When Germany, the European economic leader, adopted a law on cryptocurrencies effective January 1, 2020, we hoped that EU countries would quickly follow Germany's example and quickly enact similar laws. However, the Covid-19 epidemic prevented this. The trend of codifying regulations on cryptocurrencies to implement the policy of the EU, G20 etc. It is clear however that it is slowing down due to the epidemic, although in some ways the disease has the effect of promoting non-cash payments, of which cryptocurrency is a method.

In short, the Onecoin company only opens the Onecoin exchange when obtaining licenses in some important countries in the world and this depends on the progress of enacting laws on money / crypto assets in these countries as a basis for licensing. The Onecoin company has also tried and applied this permission actively but could not take the initiative, so no matter how much we complain or blame the Onecoin company! Can only confirm that the direction of Onecoin is correct, Onecoin has enough conditions to apply for an official exchange, Onecoin fully meets the requirements of the world for a real cryptocurrency.

(Onelife meeting in Vung Tau city 09 May 2020)

So when does Onecoin go on the exchange or in other words, how much longer do we have to wait for Onecoin to become liquidable? In the past when the exchange is understood as an existing exchange such as Kraken, Huobi, Binance, etc. then the answer is: Whenever the Onecoin company wants, it is only to choose the best time. Did the Onecoin company plan to list Onecoin simultaneously on nearly 20 exchanges at once? But nowadays, the Onecoin company's strategy on exchange has been changed, the exchange is understood as an official, legally licensed exchange, cooperating with central banks of countries and the exchange is managed and operated by Onelife. The question becomes very difficult to answer, perhaps no one can answer it correctly or it can only be predicted like we do because the license application depends on where thea government is granted by the governments and the state. How will the economic, political and social situation unfold in the future?

In the current situation if the Covid-19 epidemic will end in the first half of 2020, everything will return to normal, it will not be until the third quarter or the fourth quarter of 2020, other European countries and other regions can in turn issued its laws on cryptocurrencies and then it was possible to license Onecoin Exchange. As such, we can hope that if nothing unexpected happens, the Onecoin exchange may open in the first half of 2021. However, this is only a prediction based on reasonable analysis and showing the aspirations of Onecoin members only. If it happens as expected, it will not depend on "Success by chance" anymore.

HCM city, May 11, 2020
Nguyen Tien Dung, MSc
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  1. Excuse me, Does anyone know when Onecoin go to public market for Exchange? Why does company never mention about Exchange every events or official announcement in Onelife newsletter? And why do Captains or leaders always angry when we ask about Exchange?? Company had announced and everyone did countdown already that in 08.10.2018 is Onecoin Exchange open day. And at the end of 2019 also, Company announced on red information dashboard in Onelife account. Exchange process are prepared already even Exchange license, Remittance license, ECB license, Exchange testing platform, weekly Exchange Summary are already, but why they try to forget these and try to promote only Dealshaker by kick of members' questions, restricted questions, or remove us from group. Why they do like this???The price of products on Dealshaker also High than another market, No discount price. They put full price and also add higher price to get more cash. And the cash accept only by bank transfer (real cash) or by Bitcoin. Our EUR cash in Cash account of Onelife, they didn't accept it. Why????