Apr 6, 2020

What is role of KYC in OneCoin cryptocurrency?

KYC is the short form of "Know Your Customer". It is the computer identification process that includes steps and process which help in deternining the true identity of the customer.

The process of KYC also helps an organization in listing down many other facts like the source of income/funds, the nature of customer business, and many more. The process helps financial organizations like the bank in calculating far-sighted risks.

KYC consist of some steps which help in saving numerous financial institutions and stay protected from criminal elements resulting in money laundering.

The modern cryptocurrencies and exchange are coming with KYC policy. The users have to approve their KYC before using the exchange or investing in the specific cryptocurrency KYC was also the hot topic in G20 conference about cryptocurrency regulation. We will witness the new currencies coming with KYC policy.

KYC require specific documents. Every company has their own set of rule. Same company will ask you for national id card and some will ask for a driving license. Below is the list of cormplete KYO documents you need for KYC approval :

- Full Name.
- Residence address.
- Citizenship.
- Birthdate.
- Photo of govemment-issued Driver's license, Passport, ID card.
- Social Security number or Tax identification.
- Bank Statement.
- Utility Bill.
- Photo of the bank card.

After you refreshed your KYC document’s sent a mail to kyc@onelife.eu

It should take 3-10 days and the accounts will be approved

Also support@onelife.eu work’s now.

You will also get a email from support@onelife.eu back, that your KYC is approved.

Date 06 April 2020

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