Mar 11, 2020

OneLife Newsletter, March 10th, 2020

What’s new this week?

+ Promotions
+ Recent DS events
+ Don’t miss our upcoming events!
+ “Captain’s Corner”


Recently, we noticed a fake website using the logo and the name of the company.

Please be informed that the web page is not part of the company platform and we have taken the appropriate legal measures.

To avoid any fraud, we advise all our members not to log in or provide credentials or personal information to any websites different from the official company ones.


NewLife Educational Package € 13 140
This is our new amazing NewLife COMBO, combining the Starter, Tycoon AND Tycoon Plus Packages! It gives you 5 Splits, 13 140 BVs, automining and access to 5 levels of OneAcademy! Also you will get ALL THE SPLITS YOU ARE ENTITLED TO AT ONCE! And that is not all – we have listed a special bulk Package promotion – buy 3 and get 1 FREE!

NewLife Plus Educational Package € 19 390
This is our second new amazing NewLife Plus COMBO, combining the Starter, Tycoon AND Premium Packages! It gives you 6 Splits, 19 390 BVs, automining and access to 6 levels of OneAcademy! Also you will get ALL THE SPLITS YOU ARE ENTITLED TO AT ONCE! And that is not all – again you have an opportunity to get our special bulk Package promotion – buy 4 and get 1 FREE!

Also check out our other amazing promotions, and you can receive FREE ONELIFE PACKAGE CODES!

• 3 + 1 Starter Package (the codes can be paid via cash account and/or bank wire)
• 3 + 1 Trader Package (the codes can be paid via cash account and/or bank wire)
• 3 + 1 Pro Trader Package (the codes can be paid via cash account and/or bank wire)
• 4 + 1 Tycoon Package (the codes must be paid via bank wire)
• 4 + 1 Tycoon Plus Package (the codes must be paid via bank wire)
• 4 + 1 Premium Package (the codes must be paid via bank wire)

IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to get the free package(s), you need to be clear in your communication with the ACCOUNTING department of the company via emial

In order to receive your promotion, the packages must be ordered all at once and paid via bank wire (for the Tycoon, Tycoon Plus and Premium packages).

Leadership Training
Tokyo, Japan
Fintech & E-Commerce Workshop East Java
Sidoarjo, Jawa Timur, Indonesia

After a really long period the first big event in Budapest, Hungary was organized.

In the company of about 200 IMAs, some great leaders from Europe and a top leader from the Caribbean area were hosted:

King Jayms Co-Captain,
Luca Miatton Blue Diamond (Italy)
Cristi Calina Blue Diamond (Romania)
Marco Agnelli Diamond (Italy)
Franca Cavaggioni Diamond (Italy)
Patrizia Testagrossa Diamond (Italy)
Camelia Marc Diamond (Romania)
Ioana Ochenatu Diamond (Romania)

The guests served a fantastic program during the morning session!

They’ve managed to show the new perspectives of the Dealshaker for the members of One Family.

Meanwhile the same afternoon over 20 merchants from Hungary, Romania and England presented their services and products to the participants.

The mini EXPO was a great success.

All the guests left the event with new information and great experiences.

The group of participants was also truly international: they came form Finland, the Czech Republic, Romania, Italy, Slovakia, Austria and even form China.

Many new deals were made and new friendly and business oriented contacts as well!

It was a great day!

The objective is to build a successful Dealshaker market in Hungary!
Fintech & E-Commerce Workshop East Java
Sidoarjo, Jawa Timur, Indonesia

DR. Putra (GNLG, DealShaker Indonesia Country Manager)
Liang (DealShaker East Java Regional Manager)

Audience: 85 OneLife members from Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Semarang, Surabaya, Sidoarjo, Malang, Jember, Lumajang, Bali, East Kalimantan, South Kalimantan

The Secrets of ONE Ecosystem
DealShaker Merchants Training
Roadmap & Master Plan of DealShaker Indonesia
GNLG & DealShaker Indonesia Organization Structure
Inauguration of Regional Manager and Branch Managers of DealShaker Indonesia.

Slovenia Event

Despite the arduous and busy schedule, on the way from Budapest to Verona, while returning from the OneLife event in Hungary, a team of three Great OneLife leaders: our OneLife Co-Captain Mr. King Jayms James, Mr. Luca Miatton and Mr. Marco Agnelli, made an evening stop in Ljubljana (the capital of Slovenia).

Despite the fact that the meeting was not planned ahead, our guests were welcomed by 30 Slovenian IMAs in the restaurant of our OneLife member and one of the pioneers of the Slovenian Dealshaker dealers (Pizzeria & Spageteria Kašča Mrlačnik).

Our guests with Co-Captain at the helm have shown us great honor and support when they visited us.

They have provided us with many useful information, not to mention Energy and Motivation.

Slovenian OneLife IMA is already looking forward to the next meeting with our Co-Captain, which will be held in the framework of a pre-arranged and planned event where hundreds of Slovenian OneLife IMA members will be waiting for our guests.

Thank you on behalf of all OneLife Slovenia members!

OneLife4MoreLife 👌

DealShaker Russia

Australian Tour
DealShaker Training & Mini Expo Kyrgyzstan Bishkek

DealShaker Mini Expo
Kyzylorda Kazakhstan

4 – 5 April 2020
International Forum on Digital Economics

On Expo will be attended by more than 350 merchants from different regions of Russia and the CIS countries!

In addition, the most successful, eminent and legendary company leaders from around the world will share their experience.

MasterMind with top leaders of the company and top speakers of Russia, a large expo with a variety of goods and services, private training for leaders with OneLife Captains, a tourist trip for guests to the city-reserve – Suzdal are just part of the activities during this amazing event!

Don’t miss it!


We have Great news for our Indian Dealshaker family, let us introduce one of our hot merchant from India Mr Goldy Khurana who is CEO of Milestone Realcon Limited, We appreciate Mr Goldy for placing wonderful deal on DealShaker for his open land plots, He was so excited to see his first deal of 50 Square Yards plots which was sold out within 48 hours and Mr Goldy accepted 70% DCP against these plots, Mr Goldy is strong believer of usability, Mr Goldy said that the reason I’m accepting the ONE is to use it back on the Dealshaker platform and do not believe on cashing out because our coin is a merchant coin, therefore He has uploaded two more wonderful deals for Indian DealShaker family, There are 50 more coupons of 50 Square Yards and 98 coupons of 100 Square Yards available on the platform right now accepting 70% DCP so don’t delay and grab it today before it’s too late!

“Captain’s corner”

What an exciting and jolting time this week was! Certain market Places that have not been touched in a very long time were touched. People are excited because they are getting the message and further understanding. Thus, rejuvenating them with just what’s needed the right communication which we extended to them. Please take notes that’s steps in the right direction are taking place as bonuses have started to be restored.

Notwithstanding, the new challenges we’ve encountered, which will not hold us back may delay but never stop. Why? Because we have overcome so many things and will continue to overcome. And continue rising all the way up!!

In closing OneFamily it’s so exciting to touch base with the honest persons in the network who are willing to learn and spread the information correctly. The OneAcademy message, the DealShaker message and the OneEcosystem messages are being rung loud and clear throughout the network and is going to continue as we go from strength to strength every single month! It is an exciting time! The future is so bright for your life in OneLife!

Thank you for the commitment from all of you and we look forward to continuous growth and connecting again at an event taking place anywhere across the world near you!

OneLife for more life!

Dear all,

Recently, we have noticed that some of the franchise holders have been giving out to their teams definitions of what exactly registered businesses and individual sellers are. Their effort and team spirit is worthy of admiration but the issue here is that all definitions must be unified and approved by compliance prior to being disseminated among DealShaker users. Otherwise, explanations of those terms that vary could lead to a breach of the principle of equal treatment.

To help clear out the confusion, here are some basic examples which you can use in your everyday work and train your people:

if you are selling off your old possessions which don’t want and need anymore – you are a private seller
if you purchase products with the idea to resell them later – you are running a business and you must be registered as a business, as per Amazons’ T&Cs, for example
On the contrary – as per DealShakers’ T&Cs both those categories are defined as individual sellers.

If you are a business owner with a private company, the deals you upload are typical for your business activity and they are run as a regular occupation, then you need to establish a merchant account as a registered business.


Dear all,

It has come to our attention that recently merchants, working on other platforms have been claiming to work on behalf of DealShaker and the OneLife Network. Please be informed that no other platform, except for DealShaker and its franchisees, and no other company, except for OneLife (or OneCoin) has the right to operate with the DealShaker trademark and the services it provides.

Be extremely cautious with any information you receive from other companies, individuals or communication channels which are different from the corporate approved ones. If you have any doubts or questions, you can always contact the OneLife teams to get the latest information, related to our projects.

Dear all,

Recently, it has come to our attention that several merchants have started to conduct fraudulent practices outside of the Dealshaker platform which constitutes a high risk of money loss to the people who participate. The deals in question are about sales of gold, real estate properties, motor vehicles and other products of high value.

Many of the above mentioned deals are accompanied by a tempting proposal by the merchant – the buyer should transfer his accounts to the merchant and pay part of the deal price outside of the platform in exchange of some expensive good or service. Bear in mind that this practice is strictly forbidden according to the applicable OneLife T&C 18(2).

Please have in mind that none of those projects/deals are approved or supported by Corporate. If someone has any information about such projects/deals please do not hesitate to inform OneLife Compliance asap, so that we can take measures to stop those fraudulent practices and sanction the wrongdoer accordingly and with an immediate effect.

Point 14 of Annex I to Directive 2005/29 / EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 11 May 2005 concerning unfair business-to-consumer commercial practices in the internal market and amending Council Directive 84/450 / EEC, Directives 97 / 7 / EC, 98/27 / EC and 2002/65 / EC of the European Parliament and of the Council and Regulation (EC) No 2006/2004 of the European Parliament and of the Council (the “Unfair Commercial Practices Directive”) must be interpreted in the sense that a promotional pyramid scheme constitutes unfair commercial practice only in the following cases:

when it requires the consumer to pay a certain amount, regardless how much, thus being granted the right to join the scheme, regardless of whether the consumer is selling/ using products or not.

There is an active bonus program for IMAs, called “Global compensation plan”, which is available on the website. Sales (not the sole fact that someone has joined) are rewarded regardless of whether they are made directly or further down the sales chain. Commission can also be earned by a free enrollee into the OLN system called Rookie. After the completion of each educational level the participants receive a certificate.

when the participants in such a scheme need to contribute financially.

In the “Global compensation plan” it is stated that the free Rookie package allows members to generate promotional tokens and bonuses from the Network’s rewards plan (also known as Fast Start retail commissions) It also provides them with information which is free of charge and helps them understand the project better.

the last users to join are likely to receive less benefits for their participation that the ones who joined earlier in time.

IMAs who build teams of other IMAs who then make ALS (Advanced Learning Systems) sales earn bonuses. All IMAs are provided with an equal opportunity to earn if they make sales of ALS. The ALS teach about financial markets, global trading and the emerging world of cryptocurrency.

when the recruitment is based on the promise that the consumer will be able to benefit economically.

The activity of the IMAs in the Network is supervised by an experienced compliance team. As per corporate policies compliance will sanction IMAs who breach IMA T&C; OLN T&C; and all applicable policies and procedures according to the internal sanction policy. The rules are for everyone – no exceptions. In order to become an IMA, a new applicant is required to read and agree to the terms of the Agreement and the relevant General Terms and Conditions of the Company. Upon notification of his/her acceptance by the Company, the new IMA will be entered into the Company database. As it is written in OLN T&Cs: “The client should neither be convinced to purchase the products through dubious and/or misleading promises nor by promises of special benefits when these are linked to uncertain future outcomes. Furthermore, “an IMA shall not guarantee payments or raise expectations otherwise.“

when the largest part of the revenue is not a result of an actual economic activity
The company carries out MLM operations with the aim of selling Advanced Learning Systems (ALS).

The ALS consist of courses on financial topics with various levels of difficulty.

These are as follows:
  1. Introduction to finance (Teacher: Mr Angel Marchev);
  2. Risk and Stock Market (Teacher: Mr Angel Marchev);
  3. Forex and technical analysis of financial markets;
  4. Risk management and econometric analysis (Teacher: Mr Joannis Kantartzis);
  5. Behavioral Finance and advanced analysis (Teacher: Mr Numan Ulku);
  6. Behavioral Economics (Teacher: Ms Eva Porras);
  7. IPO process and valuations (Teacher: Ms Eva Porras).
  8. The new product are the legal packages, offered by OneAcademy, which give comprehensive information about the legal side of the crypto currency world. They have been written and prepared for the mass public by law professionals with a long-term experience in the field. These courses have been developed as a guide into the world of crypto regulations, the ICO and the integration of the cryptocur-recies into the traditional markets all over the world. The topics covered by the legal packages are:
  9. Legal definition of cryptocurrency
  10. Economic evaluation – is it an asset, commodity or something else
  11. Cryptocurrency impact on the traditional market.
  12. Types of crypto systems
  13. Legal implications for the regulators
  14. ICO regulations
  15. Integration of the cryptocurrency, enabling cooperation with banks and institutions
  16. Compliance systems and Tax regime
Each level consists of information about the crypto currency law in 6 different countries – Italy, Germany, Belgium, Bulgaria, Sweden and Norway, classified into sections. Furthermore, each of these countries offers a written handbook, an educational video and/or a presentation on each topic.

Due to the recent requests by our users for a refresh of the information about how to get the best of CoinSafe functionalities, our Support Experts have prepared a short guideline.

The new manual is available here:

Backoffice ->Information Center ->Resources -> IMA Tools

Here you are able to find the short manuals on how to access all educational courses in OneAcademy including the Legal and OneForex packages.

Find the new handbooks in:

Backoffice ->Information Center ->Resources -> IMA Tools

Date 11 March 2020

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