Mar 13, 2020

Do you really want the Exchange without Usability and Stability?

Friday the 13th. Panic in the market: Stocks, cryptocurrencies are flying down: Bitcoin -52%, Ethereum -57%

OneCoin is not just one more speculative cryptocurrency without usability! This is why Dr Ruja emphasises the importance of DealShaker for the Usability of the coin!

We must all continue to work to improve DealShaker's work and help acquire new merchants. Remember usability brings liquidity & Liquidity increases the value of the coin.

Since its establishment in 2014, OneCoin has been dedicated to creating a coin suitable for mass-market usage in line with its vision to provide access to financial services for everyone. To fulfill our commitment to the growing community mining and using the OneCoin cryptocurrency, we started creating an Ecosystem around the coin.

From the very beginning, we knew the birth of the coin will create a unique Ecosystem revolving around the OneCoin. The ONE would unify all the elements in the environment and provide a universal, uniform currency for all the users in the system.

One Ecosystem was created to unify all the elements around the OneCoin By developing the elements in it, we encourage the coin`s usability, functionality and reliability.

To be more clear !! For all part of people who are not serious, from the OneCoin community who ask for the Exchange!!

Do you really want the Exchange without Usability and Stability? 🤔

If yes ! It's a very simple 👇

Friday the 13th. Panic in the market: Stocks, indices, cryptocurrencies are flying down. So, I decided to count a few numbers. See how asset values ​​have changed over the past month:

- Apple -25%
- Tesla -43%
- Facebook -34%
- Netflix -21%
- Alibaba -20%
- Uber -47%
- Twitter -35%
- Amazon -23%
- Lyft -58%

Cruise operators:

Royal Caribbean -77%
Norwegian Cruise -79%
Carnival -65%


American Airlines -55%
Delta Air Lines -45%
United Airlines -58%


ExxonMobil -42%
Gazprom -32%
Royal Dutch Shell -49%
Chevron -30%


S&P -30%
Dow Jones -31%


Bitcoin -52%
Ethereum -57%

Hamza Zerigui
Date 13 March 2020

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