Dec 24, 2019

Official News Court In US Government Worried OneCoin

Official News Law Proved In US Government Worried cryptocurrencies

**Why the US Government worried cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrencies are one of the top issues for the U.S Treasury. Particularly, the Treasury is worried decentralized cryptocurrencies can shift some functions away from the government to the private sector and raise the issue of self-government, according to Deputy Secretary of the Treasury Justin Muzinich.

- Power Shift, Self-Government.

Deputy Secretary of the U.S. Treasury Justin Muzinich discussed the Treasury’s priorities at the annual conference of the Bank Policy Institute (BPI) in New York last week. One area he focused on was payments, particularly cryptocurrencies. While acknowledging the value of innovation and welcoming efficiency improvements, he said: "Decentralised privately-issued digital currencies are not simply a means of payment, but, depending on their structure, can shift some functions traditionally performed by the government to the private sector."

Muzinich added that "Digital currencies at scale raise not only concrete questions about money laundering, monetary policy, and other topics but also very abstract questions about self-government." The other topics he referred to included financial stability, user protection, and privacy. Due to these risks, the deputy secretary warned that those engaged in crypto markets should expect that "policymakers, in pursuing the public interest, will take a very hard look at these issues."

While the Financial Stability Board (FSB) does not consider cryptocurrency a financial stability risk at this time, the Federal Reserve said stablecoins are a risk to the country’s financial system in a report issued earlier this month. The Fed believes that "The possibility for a stable coin payment network to quickly achieve global scale introduces important challenges and risks related to financial stability, monetary policy, safeguards against money laundering and terrorist financing, and consumer and investor protection."

- Cryptocurrencies Make enforcing laws difficult.

The deputy secretary also discussed crypto-related problems the Treasury faces under the existing regulatory framework. Talking about national security, he revealed that "One of the issues at the top of Treasury’s mind is that digital currencies can potentially be used to evade existing legal frameworks." Some problem areas he mentioned were taxation, anti-money laundering (AML), and countering the financing of terrorism (CFT).

"If a cryptocurrency allowing anonymous transactions were to grow to scale, enforcing laws that prevent crime and terrorist financing could be more difficult."

"This is indeed a national security issue."

Mnuchin also emphasized that crypto service providers must implement the same AML and CFT safeguards as traditional financial institutions. Furthermore, money transmitters must comply with relevant Bank Secrecy Act obligations and register with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (Fincen),

He additionally revealed that he had "convened a working group with the Federal Reserve and other regulators to make sure we keep the use of digital assets for legitimate use only."

- Do you think the US Government should worry about OneCoin cryptocurrency?

About the G20 of December 2018, it was decided that all companies where the cryptocurrency is implicated to be regulated by FATF rules, and Dr. Ruja Ignatova had them implemented three years ago long before!

OneCoin is a world sure without anonymity and illegal activity online, without interest, and without Inflation. It is an option of payment secure which the authorities can count.

Clearly, What does this show?

It shows, among others, that the company OneCoin fixed high standards of transparency, and the responsibility on the unripened industry, highly competitive and unregulated.

The company "OneCoin" is engaged to respect the good commercial practices, the rules, and the regulations relevant, and the more important is that; Dr. Ruja has the sens professional to do that!

Dr. Ruja’s main goal is to improve everyday safety and to contribute in any way to the implementation of stricter regulations and legal frameworks around the world to ensure that OneCoin is used only for decent purposes.

Hope justice will eventually win, hope the relevant departments should not be negatively misled...! Hit onecoin is equal to help forces of darkness and other cryptocurrencies to will be more criminals and Anonymous.

Request Guiding OneCoin-Related

Gathering To Show Cause

It is clear that the US controls that be are frightful of this relentless worldwide money related unrest.

They are wheedling other part states to participate in their misdirection to criticize and crash OneCoin from meeting its goal, marking OneCoin a trick while deliberately declaring Dr. Ruja being related with tax evasion, regarding her a fraudster.

The individuals who comprehend the vision and strategic OneCoin know completely well these are on the whole manufactures so as to continue justification for US legitimate arraignment against Konstantin and Dr. Ruja.

In all actuality, the US DOJ is trying to claim ignorance of the way that Dr. Ruja has carried the chance to the majority, by raising open consciousness of the current monetary framework through One Academy training.

This has allowed individuals and even governments the chance to understand the wasteful aspects of the current harsh money related framework, which has kept them in subjugation for a considerable length of time and settle on choices.

OneLife is intended to advance e-learning instruction by means of system advertising. System Marketing as we probably are aware is viewed as legitimate and moral.

Additionally, because of OneCoin being digital money, any affiliation expects adherence to administering budgetary guidelines (as far as KYC and AML). The above are explanations behind OneLife individuals to keep up inspiration and core interest.


We're taking this monetary transformation to the most elevated level, as a unified front. Keep on sharing this extend and assemble our biological system.

Together for additional, WE have any kind of effect.

Concerning Any Asserted Lawyer Customer Benefit

On Walk 17, 2019, a five-count Arraignment, S4 17 Cr. 630 (ER), was opened blaming Ruja Ignatova for wire distortion, insurances coercion, and tax avoidance offenses with respect to an alleged worldwide false plan of action that incorporated the promoting of a demonstrated advanced money called

We live in a wiped out world, it is realized that individuals are effectively pulled in to discussion and antagonism so bloggers and haters utilize OneCoin as a famous name to name a wide range of twists, turns, deceives its name and make it filthy.

1 - The principal gathering of OneCoin haters is really bitcoin individuals who trust OneCoin was anticipated as a trick from the earliest starting point and they needed to guard cryptographic money against this, as they thought "conceivable usurper of digital money industry".

They give themselves the privilege to choose that cryptographic money must be unknown and decentralized and since OneCoin was the inverse, they didn't get it and they thought it was a trick.

2 - Since digital money isn't upheld up by gold, however by individuals who use it, OneCoin understood that the best group deal is MLM (staggered showcasing) so they concocted pay designs and began creating pioneers.

This is the motivation behind why the second gathering of hostile to OneCoiners is against MLM websites.

Those websites generally fill a decent need. They attempt to uncover pyramid tricks that are popping everywhere throughout the world particularly inside web organizations. They repay their time by acquiring cash from visits and snaps.

In the wake of perusing a few enemies of MLM sites, I would isolate one: behind me as the most populated and alive. I read a large number of news there. What I could see is that he is concentrating just on awful occasions that each MLM has and it is around 5-10% of what is happening to rely upon the organization.

There is nothing more than a bad memory occasion for any MLM business there. At the point when you center just around negative stuff, you get devoured by negative vitality and you start building up a neurotic mindset where your judgment is blurred.

I don't anticipate that bloggers should get this. Point is that they center around adverse data, and lamentably in this wiped out world cynicism pulls in more individuals. So hostile to MLM bloggers get "better"/more regrettable after some time cause cynicism brings them more cash.

Obviously, they began causing lies yet they to persuade themselves those are valid so it encourages them better in discussing. Be that as it may, somewhere inside they recognize what they are doing is illicit so they are exceptionally mysterious.

It is up to individuals on the off chance that they will accept individuals who conceal their personality or genuine people that are introducing the business to them.

So OneCoin is no exemption here, truth be told, being so famous and with inconceivable energy for a brief span, OneCoin became n°1 casualty of those folks.

3 - the Third gathering of OneCoin haters is news and websites attached to bitcoin and decentralized digital forms of money. Those online journals likewise gain cash from visits and snaps and they will, in general, but hostile to OneCoin news every once in a while, not very pushy like enemy of MLM writes or devoted enemy of OneCoin disturbing layouts yet they appear to report every negative occasion connected to OneLife and those are really not so much significant for OneCoin improvement.

4 - Forth gathering of OneCoin haters are distinct individuals who really have confidence in all enemies of OneCoin information. They will in general burn through their time surfing on each facebook, video or blog positive news and attempt to post there against OneCoin purposeful publicity.

For quite a while, they didn't have obstruction so they turned out to be increasingly sure about their bent conviction since they thought "in the event that nobody can contend with what I am persuaded in, at that point, it must be valid. At the point when they start getting contentions it turns out to be evident that they are blinded by faith in hostile to OneCoin information spread around and we wind up discussing assessments, not realities.

That enemy of OneCoin data was not discharged by beginner individuals, rather by defaming experts so it is anything but difficult to get certain people and make them your helpful moron. They go around and squander their life-battling cause that isn't their own, they don't have anything to pick up, yet they are being valued for the individuals who created everything.

Through the span of very nearly three years, Onecoin haters from this gathering were traded. First movers understood that the organization isn't falling, they saw their opposition is vain, and they quit showing up, come back to their life, yet new ones are conceived.

5 - This leads us to amass number five. Here are egotistical individuals who are not really discussing OneCoin, they are discussing themselves yet they don't understand that. Truth be told, relatively few individuals can see it.

I, being truly near individuals brain science had sufficient opportunity to identify hardly any individuals that stood the trial of time as OneCoin didn't crumple, they stayed here slamming new contentions and being increasingly more conceited. The purpose of their remarks is that it isn't in reality about OneCoin, it is about them knowing it all about OneCoin, or if nothing else they think they know.

Truth is they "don't have a clue about what they don't have a clue" and that makes them exceptionally perilous people for other people. They appear to appreciate hauling in others as they call them "unfortunate casualties" so they can teach them and feed with power.

They publicize as they will likely "spare individuals from not losing cash in OneCoin" yet they will, in general, assemble just individuals that are as of now engaged with OneCoin and they address them about how all is a trick and all pioneers are experienced con artists (but then none went to prison). So their activities really demonstrate that they couldn't care less about individuals losing cash, that is simply a retail facade, they are egotistical and are infatuated with the power they make so they assemble terrified individuals that are as of now engaged with OneCoin.

In the event that they care about individuals losing cash, they would begin contradicting each one of those guarantees from the predominant press that bitcoin will go to 1 million and are tricked to purchase costly expanded bitcoins that are then emptied and someone generally loses cash. They don't make reference to other comparative frameworks like OneCoin in light of the fact that they are not even close to fruitful and there is nothing truly to discuss them. I won't make reference to any names here.

6 - And the last yet not the least is the 6th gathering. Those are really individuals that feed every single past gathering. Those are previous OneLife IMAs that some way or another got coned by awful OneLife uplines. Each MLM has an issue of awful wholesalers that don't have the foggiest idea what they are selling, that care just about cash so they won't stop at anything just to profit from individuals.

In OneLife, those are guarantees of significant yields from OneCoin in 2018. Numerous wholesalers are not so inept and when they begin to understand that, they start grumbling and posing inquiries and afterward they get cut off by their uplines. Some of them quit, yet some of them join hostile to OneCoin "unfortunate casualty team". Some of them are likewise awful people that at that point channel hostile to OneCoiners lies that that faith in and spread as phony news.

Try not to give their negative vitality a chance to change yours. Much obliged to all OneLifers and OneCoiners. Best Regards Sincerely,

Hamza Zeringue MDE News
Date 03 Dec, 2019

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    Sau tất cả, Cryptoqueen Dr.Ruja tất yếu vẫn sẽ đưa chúng ta đến thắng lợi và thật sự ngày đại thắng đã hiện hữu trước mắt tất cả các thành viên OneCoin.