Sep 3, 2019

CoinSafe User Manual

Message from corporate

In relation to the 9-month corporate strategy we have recently informed you about, the OneLife Team has prepared a useful and easy manual on CoinSafe functionalities.

Download PDF:

It is important that all ONE users are well informed about what is yet to come. Please bear in mind that 2 months after the Exchange becomes operational the CoinSafe function will not be available for new users any longer. CoinSafe was an option which was provided by the Company to its users several years ago. But now the times are changing for the better and the corporate strategy needs to adapt as well. Thus, it is time for CoinSafe to slowly go out of business and retire in order not to risk interfering with the coin deficit strategy.

Please bear in mind that after the Exchange is up and running, you will have two months to use the CoinSafe feature.

Onelife Team
Post date 03 September 2019
Vietnamese Translation:

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