Sep 4, 2019

Webinar 4-9: Exchange Platform Summary

Date 04.09.2019,
(Exchange platform summary from webinar)

IT development is working for the exchange limit on the easy cash (no limit apply from wallet to wallet because it is a surface transfer).

The exchange company can't exchange over 10,000 dollars per transaction for each month. The change company has to enter the limit that has been created then with a new requirement. The-Year-old Exchange center will have two types of limit by complications and settings for ads. But in case all the previous limit were covered by the limit by the law.

This means that the limit defined with the easy cash account is for only ones, and it is to apply as long as the change center is getting fit in level 10 000 dollars or lower.

For all the electronic currency and all the other cream limit are 10 $ per transaction for each person in a month or equivalent. * the compliance platform (no need to be at the beginning): the platform to work and process in half of September. This is currently in the status of development that has accepted the control and safety process of the api network to the worldcheck and goaml has been given. It will be updated by the Ukrainian authorities so that the company changed to be downloaded and putting the risk score to include it on the platform to be in demand. The Miracle has finished waiting for approval.

FYI: a training video for preparation on the change function will be available soon.

Post date 04 September 2019
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