Mar 8, 2020

Onecoin Is Contrary To All Other Cryptocurrencies

OneCoin is 100% legit and all of us who keep hope and courage up and not throw us out in doubt will receive dividends in the very near future.

What is so unique and interesting with just OneCoin is precisely that it is contrary to all other cryptocurrencies. It is unique just like Bitcoin was in the beginning. The difference is that OneCoin is a centralized coin and therefore easy to keep track of.

Bitcoin and all other cryptocurrencies moves freely on the market and cannot be controlled by the authorities and it creates clutter in the financial world. Visibility and knowing who owns the Bitcoin is limited and it enables criminals to carry out operations outside the authorities and banks knowledge. However, with OneCoin, all members who own the coins are registered "KYC" and it is liked by the financial sector. Plus would someone try to steal your coins so it is equal to zero.

Each coin is unique with a personal code linked to your name and account and therefore traceable. The whole concept of onecoin is impeccable. Before the end of the year I am sure that Dealshaker and OneCoin will shake the whole market to the level that the stock markets will react very possitive.

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Born 5 years ago, Onecoin has introduced a completely new concept of cryptocurrency. It faced a fierce boycott from IT specialist, journalist, and underwent 187 lawsuits around the world. In the knowledge–based economy, there is a famous slogan: "Either Difference Or Death". Onecoin opened a trend to centralized coin mining, while all other coins tried to copy the decentralized model of Bitcoin. They loudly criticize Onecoin is not a real coin. Bitcoin has been a sustainable success, but its copy-coins have quickly faded away. Experiencing countless challenges, Onecoin is still here, the Onelife community is more crowded than all other coins combined. We are committed to participating in Onecoin because of its uniqueness, and we were fortunate to make the right choice. A series of recent major events have shown that Onecoin is leading the new trend, with a vision of new era:

+ The general statement of the G20 on the legal framework for cryptocurrency: Their cryptocurrency standard released no different from the standards for the cryptocurrency industry established by the OneLife family over the past five years.

+ Facebook, a world-leading media technology Corporation, officially issued the white-papper on Libra, a centralized cryptocurrency almost like Onecoin.

+ After the G20's general statement is a series of very favorable statements for Onecoin by competent officials: Russian Prime Minister, US Finance Minister, President of European Central Bank, CEO of The World Bank...

A new era for a whole new payment concept has opened its doors to the world, and only the future will tell what the value will end up on. Remember! The more people that come into the network, the greater the value increases over time. Demand, supply and availability are the key words to success.

Doan Huu Long
Post date 12 August 2019
Vietnamese Post:

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