Aug 7, 2019

Kristalina Georgieva, CEO of World Bank & Ruja Ignatova Vision!

Hi, Today, I just want to share with you, The Answers, Points of views, of Kristalina Georgieva, The bulgarian C.E.O Of World Bank & Ruja Ignatova Vision, about the Future Of the Digital Economy!

The bulgarian Kristalina Georgieva, will be facing at two last candidates,and the council of administration of International Monetary fund, will choose , this Fall of 2019 ,around September, which take over from Mme. Christine Largarde, and Which will take the Presidential fonction at The Central Bank of European.

What is The OneCoin EcoSystem and His Vision?

- A World without Inflation, Without interest, without loans.

- A World Sure, Without Anonymity, and Without illegal Activity Online.

- One Option Of Payment secure and without Volatilily.

- One range of worldwide activities.

- And a payment method, on which, the authorities can count.

- One Coin is the First Crypto Currency on the net, at , to have implemented The CDD , The KYC , The KYB , The KYCC, The AML and the CFT norm, long before, that this norm is exiged by the regulatories, and the authorities,in terms of compliance of differents countries!

- About G20 of December 2018, was decided that the all companys, where the crypto currency is implicated, do be, regulated by FATF rules, and we had them implemented two years ago, long before !

The Rules KYC, enters into force with the 4th AML Directive, But it was But it was enter into force, since have been, long time before, On The Dealshaker Platform!

Clearly, What does this show?

It show, among others, that the company One coin, Fixed high standards of transparency, and the responsability on the unriped industry, highly competitive and unregulated.

We are engaged to respect, the good commercial pratics,the rules and the regulations relevant, and the more important, is that we have the sens Profesionnal, to do that.

Our main goal is to improve everyday safety. We try to contribute in any way to the implementation of stricter regulations and legal frameworks around the world to ensure that the Crypto Currency, is used only for decent purposes.

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Post Date 07 August 2019
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