Jul 28, 2019

The opening day of Sala Dealshaker Vung Tau, 04 August 2019

⏰ Time: 9h' date 04 August 2019
🏠 Address: 102 Chu Manh Trinh, Vung Tau, Vietnam

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Dear OneLife members,

We would like to support Onelife members: connecting, sharing information, answering questions, guiding skill on accounts, promoting Dealshaker e-commerce trading with OneCoin, We look forward to creating a useful playground for our members. Especially, this is a place with stable conditions for showroom, trading goods and connecting businesses; meeting rooms, skills training ... in ONE ecosystem!

We would like to invite everyone to come to attend our Dealshaker in Vung Tau! Promising bring you joy and surprise!

🔥 Plan:
+ 9h opening: Sub-Franchise SALA Vietnam,
+ Introduce Office, Work Plan
+ Introduce Guests
+ Shopping on Dealshaker
+ 14h: Update news about One Exchange; The situation of the digital currency world; skills when open One exchange; Explain the questions.

💥 We will support regularly at 102 Chu Manh Trinh, Vung Tau:
- Register for Merchant and Deal approval for any member.
- Support to buy and sell goods on all working days.
+ Morning: from 9:00 '-11h00'
+ Afternoon: from 14h30 '- 16h30'
- Support: KYC approval; create an Onelife account; How to trade on Dealshaker platform; ...

👌 Especially the opening day you will receive the latest news from:

+ CrownDiamond, Mr. Simon Le
+ BlackDiamond, Dr. Tran Quy
+ BlueDiamond, Mr. Huynh Khanh
+ Legal Department, Mr. Tran Nhu Khoa and many other leaders.
+ The Malaysia and Thailand leaders with their teamwork will probably attend.

👌 This is a great concern for the opening day of Sala Dealshaker Vung Tau.

Front of the house

Mr. Simon Le and Mr. Cuong

Front of the house

Training Room


Director Room
1/ Continue to register sales at Sala Vung Tau.

2/ Sale of goods is free of charges for at least 2 months (August-September, 2019).

3/ There are available showrooms and warehouses for Merchants.

4/ Please contact for the best support:

☎️ Mr. Nguyen Dang Khoa, Tel: +84919391788
☎️ Mr. Vo Minh Tin, Tel: +84901235727
☎️ Mr. Le Manh Cuong, Tel: +8490 3902651
☎️ Mr. Doan Huu Long, Tel: +84903337073
☎️ Mr. Do Van Quyet, Tel: +84908517489

Best regards!

Post Date 23 July 2019
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