Jun 18, 2020

Onelife does not receive investments, we distribute financial education

I invite you to remember the turn of our business as the responsibilities we have, read all the TEXT.

Onelife Partners have the following in mind to correctly communicate the project.

1. It is not Onecoin the CIA that distributes educational products is ONELIFE.

2. Onelife does not receive investments, it does not pay interest returns in any aspect.

3. Onelife distributes online educational packages and gives away tokens to undermine Cryptocurrency ONE (commercial name), mining is voluntary.

4. Never ever mention the word investment because that is illegal, we distribute financial education.

5. We do not sell Cryptocurrency, we mine according to a digital process called Mining, which in our case is of a centralized nature with a closed code to safeguard the security and stability of the Cryptocurrency.

6. Do not speak of return of capital at a certain time, that is not legal or correct, the value of the Cryptocurrency ONE depends on Supply and Demand as well as its economic value (means of payment).

7. Onecoin is the CIA Fintech holding company.

8. The ONE Cryptocurrency is NOT pre-mined (pre-mined to market it).

9. The only official corporate pages of the Holding are:


10. It is totally forbidden to sell Cryptocurrencies without the authorization of the Corporate only official information medium, if you do so you will lose your Cryptocurrencies and you may even be sued for affecting the Institutional image. If you see that someone is doing it irregularly, report it to the Compliance department.

11. Any irregularity that you see from community personnel that are affecting or want to affect the image of the CIA denounces the Compliance Department, we take care of our CIA of bad individuals.

12. Any information you hear, you receive in writing to be valid must come only from the Corporate, no other channel is valid unless you have the corresponding backups to issue information.

13. Remember that we are the custodians of our access keys to the virtual wallet, do not deliver anyone to anyone, be forewarned.

14. Discard rumors, negative information from media such as haters' blogs that seek to affect the Institutional image.

It is our duty to take care of the image of Onelife and the Holding, let us work with responsibility, professionalism and contribute to the solid growth of our CIA that is changing our quality of life forever.

Onelife together for more.

Post date July 03 2019

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