Jun 28, 2019

Summary of the Bulgarian meeting 25-6 => 26-6-2019


1. The value of the circulation and the promotion of the shopping center and the value of the currency, the transaction is just beginning. We have to promote the availability of coins.

2. The company is determined to build the Vika Exchange (which must be governed by national law by law). There will be three Vika trading platforms available:
  • European (EU) exchange.
  • Stock exchanges that are not regulated by Europe and that are not regulated by encrypted digital currencies. For non-EU countries, Vietnam can trade first.
  • Transfer platform (required for crowdfunding after the money).
  • With the above three licenses, the trading platform is coming soon!
  • KYC must pass the trade certification and reiterate that KYC can only submit data and other company audits in the background. Not influenced by external factors. Please know!
  • Next week there will be an official announcement for the Dealshaker and the fees!
All news should be subject to the announcement of the company:

1 There will be 1 exchange for EU.
1 Exchange for non EU and Non regulated region.

But you need your country approved exchange before you can trade your own OneCoin.

2. Co-ownership account. (Cloudfunding)

Account owner and all share holders that KYC must be approved.

Upon Remittance opened, account owner to use Remittance to transfer coins to respective coin owners.

Remittances are just coin to coin and fiat to fiat.

No limits for transfer between onecoin to onecoin account.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/admielsacom
Post date 28 June 2019
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