May 1, 2019

Konstantin was arrested in the US, where will Onecoin go?

The following analysis, we need to discuss to see the current problem.

Some US rivals are not unaware of the Onecoin survey in Europe, not unaware of the results of the investigation, but in fact, without these conclusions, they know what the essence of Onecoin / Dealshaker is. But when Onecoin is active in Europe, Asia or Australia, it does not affect them in the United States, but when Onecoin intends to enter the United States, the problem is different, so some Onecoins enemies still make false accusations. These foxes have been rejected by a court and now it is not repeated in the United States that it should produce results and we do not need to be too worried.

So we try to predict how this will happen, in my opinion there are some possibilities:

1. The company's legal department quickly rejects the claims, no evidence or arguments. There is no firm reason and the court will suspend the investigation with the same conclusion that Onecoin was found to be non-offensive and legal in the United States. This is the best and most likely case, and when Onecoin / Dealshaker enters the US very smoothly and has strong development opportunities.

2. If, for some reason, the court does not accuse Onecoin, but still finds ways to prevent the company from entering the United States, this will delay the company's progress and lead to a legal battle. Long-term because the US also participates in international organizations and does not easily create its own barriers.

3. If the court deliberately accepts unreasonable claims, a decision against the company, this will be the beginning of a comprehensive trial because New York's civil law is just a math. At the district level there are many higher courts, and when they consider them, they must take into account many other issues such as international relations, public opinion ...

4. With regard to the company's ability to win, it is very high because the US court must also consider some of the conclusions of the courts in European countries. Many problems can only be concluded with or without clarity, such as money laundering? Does Onecoin have a blockchain? May prove very simple that no one can argue.

5. The worst case for the US company is that it definitely prevents Onecoin / Dealshaker unreasonably in the US, the company has almost the world or, in other words, the world, except America. This also makes the Americans so it can't be long and even Americans will fight for lawful right on Onecoin.

6. Another thing is if the United States accepts Onecoin, when it goes on the floor, trading online like Bitcoin today, so it's not easy. But if we believe the government will cooperate, the government will get tax, but what is the ban?

I don't want to shout the slogan: Be absolutely confident in the company and want everyone to have confidence in its knowledge, analysis and understanding.

Hope everyone will discuss more.

Tien Dung Nguyen
Post date 11 March, 2019

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