May 25, 2019

Friday 24/5: Exchange platform weekly summary

Exchange news - 3rd week!

So far we have received the news on the exchange on Friday - twice. These have their correctness.

The third part of the news will be released with a small delay in the coming days.

The reason is: yesterday, Friday, there was a meeting in London and there were lectures all day with Dr. Sofia in Sofia's office. Ruja. There have been many details discussed on the Dealshaker, which must be done urgently after the necessary separation from Duncan.

All questions relating to operators are managed exclusively by IT in Sofia.

Furthermore, press releases relating to the exchange come exclusively from Sofia.

No one has to panic now, everything is going as planned.

Post date 25 May 2019


Week 3

IT development

Testing – the deposit function OLN ->Exchange is running smoothly;

Currently withdrawals can be send successfully, error has been fixed;

Ongoing parallel work towards the stabilizing of the synchronization between blockchain and back office;

Ongoing parallel work towards building a stable connection between exchange and the old DealShaker.

Liquidity account – finalized

Licensing and IT Audit

The IT committee has finalized an operational report with comments on their side which are as follows:

- CB needs to know where the pricing of Reuters, Bloomberg, Netdania or any other exchange interface is coming from and if there is an authorization. They want to know how the pricing is formed technically otherwise we should connect with CB pricing. The provided explanation is that the price for a crypto coin/fiat currency to another is determined just as it is on all other exchanges, namely by the price of the last trade on the market. For all currency pairs that have no market - choosing data source Crypto to USD, Crypto to Crypto: COINMARKETCAP; Fiat to Fiat: Fixer.

- Proposals for fees are provided to the CB as the basis of the buy margin which is the average margin of the buying rate of several banks. The margins are adjusted by 50% to be at par with the local money changers in the country of the license.

- Payment gateway determined as compulsory before starting - still no response from CB about which payment gateway they recommend

- IT committee will prepare another report regarding coins and tokens during the upcoming week


Request for how to operate sent to Turkey, New Zealand, UK; pending further information

Post date 27 May 2019

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