May 13, 2019

Sample email Coinsafe Disappearing notification

Subject: My Coinsafe has been lost.
Email to:

Dear Support Team,

My full name is: Tran Thi A
My OneLife Username is: A01
My Email:

My phone number: (084)12345
My country: Vietnam
My total balance coinsafe: 50 000 Ones (Fifty thousands)

I would like to report to you my case:

I sent my Onecoins to the Coinsafe with term 01 year from 09/5/2018 to 09/5/2019, and the Coinsafe account completely finished 02 days ago but till now I have not been refunded 50 000 Ones (Fifty thousands) to my Onecoin account. My both Onecoin account and Coinsafe account now are empty, all my Onecoins have disapeared. I have lost all.

Please review my case and help me to get those Coins back.

Thank you for your help!
Best Regards,

Tran Thi A

Post date 13 May 2019

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