Apr 29, 2019

Open Exchange & Remittence platform is moving forward with full speed.

Message from Henrique Machado

✔Hello OneLife Family♻️

Let us not focus on The Legal side of Mr. Konstantin.

Our legal team with our very efficient defence lawyer of USA is handling the legal case. Corporate will update us in due time.

We have to continue with our responsibility in the ONE ecosystem, that is spreading education & creating usability.

We have got 4 parts of info from corporate. All the proceedings regarding Open exchange & Remittence platform is moving forward with full speed.

Let’s focus on our responsibility.

Infact let me put this more clear.

Even if the American decides to detain our captain for 20yrs and the onelife company releases the exchanger next month , automatically he will be released from jail immediately cz there will no any reason for detaining him.

So the concern goes straight to our boss lady the founder to work on that issue to prove the whole world that onecoin is not a Ponzi.

Onelife for ever

Last 4 years of my OneLife experience I have seen many leaders to much concern about corporate matters, not focusing on Training, not developing teams.
Those leaders who very cleverly pretend to be OneLifers but holds the vision of misguiding our people by focusing on the negative things that has no connection with IMA responsibility..... finally go out to different company and always advise people “See I was rightly asking question but no answer was given.”

We have seen big big cowards left OneLife and inviting people to their micky-mouse coins.

Those cowards developed a situation where they demotivated team by always being negative to corporate matters and focusing only on negative info.

Till date those leaders servived in OneLife with their teams being active who always focus on positives and don’t focus on unnecessary corporate matters.

We have seen big problem, big storms but corporate always fight with dignity and came out clear. So, leave the corporate matter to corporate and focus what we should do.

Our responsibilities:

✅Spreading Education
✅Team Building
✅Creating Usability
✅Support our team with positive info

Ignore negative & let’s get to work. We have new promotion with big packages active till 10th May.

All for ONE, ONE for all.

+44 7846 579873: Our OneLife WhatsApp platforms globally are for networking reason and all this platforms have been formed.

✅To give all OneLifers the information from Corporate
✅To give positive advise about how to develop team from top global leaders
✅To ensure everyone understands our vission and how we are spreading our community.

In this platform we have 2 Master Distributors, 2 GLG IC Members and numbers of GLG Member globally.

Any info, any needed training slides, any updates or any IMA related matters surely will be provided whenever needed.

We are heading towards a very positive future and celebration time is getting ever so nearer.

Let’s just do our part and that is basically creating demand in the market. Everything is on the right track and moving towards right direction.

Love you all OneLifers. Together we are strong, together for more.

Message from Henrique Machado
Postdate 29/04/2019

Vietnamese Translation:

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