Apr 13, 2019

(P1) Message from Onelife Corporate 12th April 2019

From corporate today.


As we are getting closer to the coin release on an exchange, we need to elaborate on an action plan for our future. Every user of the coin must be familiar with the ONE ecosystem, its consisting parts and operation mechanisms. This knowledge will help us position strategically our assets and finances as well as elaborate on our future objectives. The answers of the questions below will foreshadow our succession after the release of the ONE so corporate prepared a few interesting key points each one of us have to ask themselves. This is the focal point of everything coming in the future. Spread the knowledge for everybody else to see!

How can we prepare for the ONE exchange and remittances?

For the purpose of being completely prepared for the ONE exchange and remittances before the exchange takes place, we need to be fully armed and equipped for the unpaved road ahead.

The OneLife network has been ruptured and dismembered by users of the coin for the purpose of self-benefit, damaging the company and the network itself. We have been working towards eliminating the self-benefit and greedy intentions in order to be able to employ all of our strengths towards clearing the name of the company and building a strong network prepared for the listing of ONE on an exchange.

Questions every member of the network should ask themselves?

1. How can I make this ecosystem work for my business and my benefit without hurting anybody else?

2. How can I be beneficial to everybody else in the network and be financially stable by doing so?

3. How by helping others I can help myself becoming successful in the ONE ecosystem?

What is my plan of action for the DealShaker platform and how can I use it to become more successful in my business?

4. What behavior the network should exercise in order to clear the reputation of the company? How can I help and not be harmful to corporate?

5. How can I increase the demand for ONE? How can I help for increasing the demand of ONE?

6. What behavior the network should exercise in order to clear the reputation of the company?

How can I get prepared for the ONE remittances?

Establish a plan of action in order to prepare yourself for the upcoming exchange and the fiat-crypto, crypto-fiat and crypto-crypto remittances to come into action.
Ask yourself ‘What comes next?’

- Elaborate on token reduction. This process will mitigate the fluctuations in the price when ONE is listed on an exchange. Education is a valuable asset. Use it, spread it and gain its advantages.

- Be prepared to participate in the demand by Dealshaker usage, Franchaise tools and Network sale

- Be prepared for remittances. Thanks to a digital wallet, individuals and companies will be able to make immediate transfers of crypto and fiat all over the world. This will enhance your participation in the financial revolution and the demand using competitive advantages.

- Be ready to help the Company in negotiations with governments.

Why the governments do not trust cryptocurrencies? The answer is simple:

Because usually there is/are:
o Risk resulting from the high volatility
o Lead by unregulated organizations that facilitate such transactions
o Related to illegal activities, such as money laundering and terrorism
o Lack of control by monetary institutions
o Unanimous money transactions
o Perceived as threat to banks
o Function without any security of operations and personal data


Think, fight and move forward for the better future! Foundation of creating our better future we build today.

Want it?
Work for it!

Postdate 12/04/2019
Vietnamese Translation: http://www.tuvanonecoin.net/2019/04/chua

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