Aug 24, 2019

(P2) How can we prepare for the ONE exchange and remittances?

Here is the part 2 of Exchange update from the corporate.

The exchange platform will exchange a variety of Fiat currencies and crypt-commodities and will provide as well the Remittances Services.

The crypt-commodities under the exchange platform will be subject to supply and demand based on the volumes stored in global wallets and volumes traded.

Accordingly the crypto-assets will be gaining value or losing value depending on the trading activity.

Value = Total Demand (minus) Total Supply

This formula explains that:

if demand is higher than supply, the Value is Positive which will be added to the traded price of the crypto-assets and consequently will increase the price of that crypto-asset.

if demand is lower than supply, the Value is Negative which will be deducted from the traded price of the crypto-assets and consequently will decrease the price of that crypto-asset.*

Accordingly, it is of the interest of everyone to encourage the demand much more than the supply.

The Exchange platform will be as well offering remittances services. Usually remittance refer to is the funds an expatriate sends to his or her country of origin via wire, or online transfer. These peer-to-peer transfers of funds across borders are economically significant for many of the countries that receive them. This service will be of high interest for many of the expat communities.

By offering a competitive advantage**, these communities will be using the remittance services offered by the platform which will be engineered in a way to gear the demand of a certain crypto-commodity to increase instantly the demand. As mentioned, this is a gear since is increased the demand for a short term (ie 1 to 7 days) tenor period before triggering the supply at the delivery of the remittance***.

* liquidity account and limits are mandatory for the Exchange

** competitive advantage = offering a low price for transfers

*** When people use the exchange for transfer the platform will convert the money to transfer into a crypto so this will create a demand. When the beneficiary goes to receive the money this will convert the same crypto to money gain this is the supply. The time between transfer order and transfer payment is between one and seven days this is the short term tenor.

Postdate 17 April, 2019



  1. A few things about the 2nd Notice of Onelife Company:

    Thus, with this Notice, the opening of One Exchange trading floor will soon be implemented as leader Simon Le said! - clapping ....

    When opening One Exchange, the company will:
     1 / Control the amount of coins to be liquidated and limit the amount of liquidity (From the wallet of the floor created will allow people to load or buy Onecoin as prescribed). This control will create a limit on Onecoin supply on the exchange.

     2 / Onecoin demand will come from:
       - People who want to own Onecoin to shop on Dealshaker
       - The person or organization wants to store Onecoin to .....
       - People want to transfer Fiat money across borders quickly and at low cost. The process may be as follows: Money Fiat at sending country ==> Onecoin ==> Cross border, fast, low cost ==> Onecoin ==> Onecoin to Fiat at the receiving country !: Create supply and demand onecoin !! !!

    ... What's more, ACE ??? CLM