Apr 13, 2019

Denis Murdock: Message concerning Konstantin Ignatov

From the desk of Denis Murdock in Hanoi, Vietnam

Dear OneCoin ● OneLife ● DealShaker Global Family:
RE: United States of America versus Konstantin Ignatov, Defendant
Before The Honorable Debra Freeman
United States Magistrate Judge Southern District Of New York

Please excuse this long epistle, but this message is urgent and important concerning Konstantin Ignatov.

Many thanks to Doug Brown, one of our colleagues in the USA, who took the initiative to call the offices of Jeffrey Lichtman, and confirm that he is in fact the attorney defending Konstantin Ignatov in the USA Federal case in the Southern District of New York. We have reason to believe that his initial hearing is scheduled for April 26.

As the introductory phrase signifies in the complaint, the entirety of the texts of the Complaint and Indictment constitute only allegations, and every fact described therein should be treated as an allegation. Please remember that the burden of proof rests with the USA to prove all allegations as facts beyond a reasonable doubt.

I have met Konstantin twice, first in the corporate office in Sofia, Bulgaria in late November 2018, and then in Las Vegas in late February 2019. Konstantin has made mistakes like all of us, but I don’t personally believe that he is guilty of any crime here in the USA or abroad. Perhaps he is expected to pay for the “sins of his fathers”. I can testify of his personal loyalty to his beloved sister and founder of OneCoin / OneLife, Dr. Ruja Ignatova, which he demonstrated to us in Las Vegas. Because of his personal and professional loyalty, I believe he was willing to “face the music” here in the USA despite knowing of his vulnerability in coming to the USA, especially coming without the protection of his body guard, who was unable to secure a visa for this trip.

It is my understanding that if the judge believes there is sufficient evidence to go forward with a trial, then a trial date will be scheduled. On the contrary, if the judge believes there is insufficient evidence for a trial, then Konstantin will be released. I personally believe there will be a trial, no matter what evidence they conjure up, because OneCoin and OneLife are such a huge threat to the USA government and banking system.

Konstantin came to Las Vegas in good faith, at my personal invitation, along with Duncan Arthur, head of DealShaker, to meet my DealShaker franchise team, discuss my vision and business plan for organizing DealShaker Expos in the USA, discuss several unique legal and financial strategies, and to offer support. Konstantin would appreciate hearing from each of us, especially from USA members, letting him know that we feel badly how the USA greeted our captain on his first visit here in the USA.

Konstantin was stopped and interrogated upon his arrival in San Francisco by USA Federal authorities. I have ...

Postdate 13/04/2019

VIETNAMESE TRANSLATION: http://www.tuvanonecoin.net/2019/04/de


  1. I can tell you that the attorney representing Konstantin is the best there is. He has prevailed in a number of cases and we can have some confidence that this will be a chance for onelife to tell it's story here in the USA.