Aug 20, 2020

Blockchain to transform our way of world

Because of different situations refugees and asylum seekers who were forced to leave their countries, are often found without paperwork.

This causes problems for them and for the authorities in proving their existence. Without paperwork it's impossible to prove date of birth, can't open a bank account, nor access government services or even get a legal job. Blockchain technology offers an interesting solution here. It is able to track an identity on a ledger via a unique, immutable and independently verified record, and provide new opportunities to solve this problem.

The Finnish Immigration Service first partnered with Helsinki-based startup MONI back in 2015, that offered refugees a prepaid Mastercard linked to their digital identity (provided by Finnish Immigration). Blockchain technology deployed via the Etherium network maintains a record of the financial transactions made through the card. So, it makes it easier for refugees to find employment, receive money from jobs, allows them to pay their bills electronically and ultimately speed up the process of becoming established in Finland. At the same time while transactions are recorded in the blockchain, the authorities are able to monitor where refugees are spending money in an anonymous way, which offers a tool to the government to better understand the needs of asylum seekers and refugees.

Since blockchain is increasing in popularity in the world, its being implemented for a lot of good projects. Projects that will have long lasting and positive impacts such as better tracking of developmental aid and donations as well as cryptocurrency on the blockchain for the world's unbanked.

Our OneCoin is in the lead as it offers a solution for the unbanked. They can use its Crypto ONE on the Dealshaker platform to buy goods and services around the clock. For such a huge demand of superior Blockchain technology our OneLife Network is offering us education to support its economy. Members bare responsibility to go through it to meet the future demands. Good things are visible.

Kindest - regards,
Pinto, Helsinki 🙏
Date 20 Aug 2020

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