Jun 18, 2020

The OneCoin ecosystem poses a real threat to the dominant predatory currency system

Captain's Corner 👇🏽

The absolute genius of Dr Ruja Ignatova must be recognized for the creation of an ecosystem that gives liberty and freedom back to the people.

The heart of the ecosystem, OneAcademy, which is the financial learning arm, empowers all people with the understanding of the monetary system that has been extremely damaging to our human civilization. Please keep in mind that without a heart not one human being in the world can live.

The war that's raging is between the financially debilitating fiat currency system and the wealth preserving cryptocurrency system spearheaded by OneCoin.

The OneCoin ecosystem poses a real threat to the dominant predatory currency system, that is being fine-tuned to remove the last vestiges of liberty and freedom from unsuspecting populations in the so-called free world. All OneCoin asks for and seeks in this financial world, is simply INTEGRATION!

This act will redound to saving us from the greatest con job ever done on human civilization. The fiat currency system not only steals the wealth from working people and their families but also silently erases their liberties and freedoms.

The US dollar has systematically diminished in purchasing power since the establishment of the Federal Reserve in 1913 to the present time. (page 48 in our One Academy Level 1 Manual) Triggering a hidden tax for generations on the multitudes while enriching a few.

This system also allows for the concentration of wealth which our OneAcademy learning shows leads to a concentration of power.

A phenomenon which places limits on people's choices and activities. For example, a member of the US Congress recently said, about the protesters against social injustice - "freeze their bank accounts."

That statement reeks of totalitarianism and is happening in the "land of the free and home of the brave" because the people are being herded into a cashless, digital currency animal pen. Satoshi Nakamodo opened a window and Dr Ruja Ignatova swung open the door for our human family to step outside and breath the fresh air of liberty and freedom. Using real money, digital blockchain money without government or military control. If it is NOT on a blockchain it is NOT the digital we need friends.

China seems to be leading the way with its social credit score regime and as the emerging empire, ALL countries will be inclined to follow.

Be mindful that because of the Bretton Wood Agreement, all countries adopted the deadly fiat currency system of this fading American empire (Professor Noam Chomsky).

It is an extremely dangerous game of epic proportion that threatens the existence of our human civilization, because the military and militarized police are people whose families' lives are also jeopardized.

We provide the financial truth and let it set the masses of people FREE!!

Your Humble Servant
Date 18 June 2020

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