May 15, 2020

OneLife Newsletter, May 12th, 2020

Captain's Corner

Boom!! I wish that shout of excitement came off the writing and into your ears and even deeper into your spirit and made you JUMP for joy! I am pumped! Friends, the final stages of information for the release of our amazing event will take place this week! Do not miss the international call this Wednesday.

Furthermore, stay plugged in to your working, functional up line and the new official Media Channels which deliver exclusive information about the Company. Not forgetting that we are reaching the plateau stage of this Covid-19 Pandemic, that has been a horrific event for many. Nevertheless, it provided the start of a 'new normal' for the entire world. With that being said, we believe our event will be able to go on! If not physically, there is a backup in place.

Moreover, the past week we saw the Italian offer, coming from Country Manager Marco Vassanelli, with an exciting opportunity through an International Debit Card. Feel free to purchase 1 of the 20,000 cards available. But know that you do so at your own risk. Keep in mind that fortune favors the brave. Maybe you believe, maybe you do not! If you believe, then act on your belief, and when you purchase your Card and you receive it and it works as it is expected to, celebrate yourself, you are a pioneer at heart! Had you waited to see if it worked for others, you may not have gotten the option to purchase the Card, because it is limited in supply.

The overall point I want to make is that there is so much life in OneLife! Exciting things are happening now, today! You need to understand how blessed we are! Coming out of a Mother's Day weekend, one of the greatest in a very long time, I must express much love and appreciation to every OneLife and nonOneLife mothers alike! Even Mother Earth probably had a great time .... just imagine Mother Earth with a smile, because our time indoors spurred on by continuous advisories of staying inside /staying safe, allowed the environment to recuperate, cleanse and reset itself. So, more power to all the mothers!

As I pondered on motherhood, I thought: nine months before delivery. Can we consider our OneLife delivery in terms of nine years? We are in our 6th year, which would be the 6th month and second trimester of a mother to be. This is our second trimester people! We are going into our 7th year towards the end of 2020. Can we please allow the full 9 months/years for the proper development of this child before it is delivered? Think about that. Much can be said from that, but I would leave it as is and allow you to ponder.

Remember, OneLife for more life.
It's your humble servant,
King Jayms.

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