May 23, 2020

Thoughts on upcoming event “Onecoin Legend" in Bucharest

The Bitcoin cryptocurrency was born in 2009 as a milestone marking the beginning of the currency revolution, an evidence to the birth of a promising blockchain technology.

Thoseterms was only realized after years later. Prior to that, Bitcoin has quietly made its entrance without many people actually paid attention to, because it was not possible to understand it. More than 1 year after the launch of Bitcoin had the first transaction when IT engineer Laszlo Hanyecs bought 2 Piza cakes for 10,000 Bitcoin (5,000 Bit / cake). Six years later (2017) this 5,000 Bit worth about 1,200 billion VND and can buy about 5 million pizzas (500,000 VND / piece), or in other words the value of Bitcoin has increased about 5 million times. Today after more than 10 years of existence, people no longer use Bitcoin to buy or sell anything (except for buying other coins on the cryptocurrency exchange). Bitcoin lost its function as a currency (though it was still called money), becoming an encrypted asset used and saved as a possession called "digital gold".

Crypto Onecoin was born 5 years after Bitcoin (September 2014) from the idea and vision of Dr. Ruja Ignatova about a cryptocurrency that has all the features of the advantages of a coin created from blockchain and used as a mean of payment for a predetermined amount so as not to be inflationary and untruthful. This coin can transfer money directly between users without intermediaries (such as banks), can be transfered extremely fast with extremely low cost etc. With such a great currency, the possibility of being accepted as a means of payment by users is undoubtedly very high, especially in the trend of reducing the world's cash use as well as in the unprecedented of information technology today. But the fact that users accept Onecoin is not enough to bring it to life. As a Doctor of Law, Ms. Ruja understands very well that Onecoin cannot become a true currency, cannot be used widely and widely without the governments of the countries represented in this field are central banks. , financial and monetary management agencies such as IMF (International Monetary Fund), WB (World Bank) etc. accept. This can be clearly seen from the example of Bitcoin and other altcoins. So from the beginning Dr. Ruja designed Onecoin to have features and features that would later be required by governments and currency regulators in cryptocurrencies to be accepted as legal and circulated. That is, the cryptocurrency must be centrally managed to have someone in charge (i.e. centralized blockchain), must identify the user (i.e. have KYC) and must control transactions and prevent money laundering. , smuggling and terrorist financing (i.e., there is a mechanism to control AML, CFT). Everyone see it as a reasonable and legal thing now, but to anticipate all that 6 years ago would have to be a genius. Especially when there were hundreds of coins copying the Bitcoin model that were born but none of them had such features.

Miss Onelife in Romania 2019
Onecoin has been growing, growing for over 5 years and is rapidly and sustainably moving towards its goal of becoming a transparent, legal and widely used cryptocurrency in the world in many areas such as consumption, trade, money transfer and storage. Not only is a miracle born, in the process of its development Onecoin also created miracles that the world must admire and respect. Those are the results and achievements of the time of reaching the turnover of 1 billion USD in just 2 years, reaching 2 million members in just 2 years, etc. that even the largest, fastest growing companies in the world can't achieve. Some people might think that Oncecoin was fortunate in the process of development, but he reality is exactly the opposite. Perhaps no startup on the road to development has encountered many obstacles, slander, opposition, vandalism and many enemies like Onecoin. According to statistics, Onecoin has faced nearly 200 lawsuits, headquarters searches, arrests, etc. not counting hundreds of thousands of TV news, video clips, articles ... with false content, slander, slander Onecoin. The culmination of a search of the Onecoin office in Sofia, the collection of documents and servers, the interrogation of employees ... of the German and Bulgarian Prosecutors Institute (2018) and the arrest and detention of Onecoin CEO Konstatin Ignatov by the main American rights. The cause of all of these disruptions stems from the fact that Onecoin has become a driving force, a leader of the currency revolution, Onecoin has the potential to become a truly widely used currency. Those things are good for humanity but affect the rights of some parties. Onecoin may affect the role of the USD currently having the largest role in international payments, money transfers or foreign currency reserves. In the end, however, all of these defeats was unable to diminish Oncecoin's prospect. In the problems that Onecoin encountered also need to mention the internal difficulties that Onecoin encountered due to the departure, the betrayal of some leaders including the highest leaders such as Duncan, Veselina, Zahid ... and The most recent is Simon Le. Despite all the difficulties, in the end Onecoin is still growing, strong and still moving steadily toward its goals.

The 5th age of Onecoin (2019) not only had such catastrophic events for Onecoin as above, it was also the time when Onecoin Group had a choice, a wise decision and a proper policy for a sustainable development. In order to bring Onecoin to the market, for a number of reasons, the Onecoin Group once intended to bring its coin to a series of existing major exchanges in the world, knowing that these are floating platforms. have a license. However, grasping the trend of world opinion on cryptocurrencies, especially of the state, financial and monetary management agencies, etc. The executive has seen opportunities on the possibility of applying for a legitimate exchange platform, so it decided to give up listing Onecoin on existing illegal exchanges and open its own. This will be a legal exchange, licensed by governments, in cooperation with central banks of countries. In the same year, the Group has done a lot of work to prepare for a legal exchange managed by Onecoin and as the group has stated: only one more step to apply for a permission for the Onecoin to be available in the market, which depends on the law of money and crypto assets in other countries.

After more than 5 years of development, the world Onecoin community is preparing for a global event about ONECOIN LEGEND to be held on August 21-23, 2020 in Bucharest, Rumany. According to the name of the event, it is predicted that this will be the opportunity for the Group to look back on the development of Onecoin, summarize the achieved achievements, learn from the experiences, honor the people who have contributed and contributed. The most important of course is to announce important information of the Group which is planned for the next time. The group has successfully organized many such global events with the participation of 5 to 10 thousand people such as in Dubai, Hong Kong, London. Malaysia etc. or bigger like in BangKok in October 2016 with the announcement of the new blockchain. There is no doubt that the Group will successfully organize this important international event, like the previous ones, but this time I anticipate that something special is about to happen. can be derived from the prize drawing program with great prizes, especially the special prize, a luxury yacht that makes me unable to suppress my curiosity and learn more. A luxury yacht with 2 large rooms and 4 bedrooms with many other amenities is usually priced in USD is a number with at least 7 digits. This yacht is not in the market of anywhere in the world, not because it is too big and too bulky, but it is made exclusively to the individuals of the well-off society. In a special case like the giant yacht of Russian oil billionaire Abramovich and the owner of Chelsea, its value is over 200 million USD and must be built in over 2 years. Thus, it takes at least 6 months to order the yacht to be awarded at this Bucharest event. Since the time to go to the event is not so much, one might think that this is a yacht already available, of someone in the leadership of the Group offered as an award. Of course, everyone immediately guessed that it was the leader of Onecoin, but for various reasons, over the past two years, he had to indirectly run the Group from his hermitage.

At present, Onecoin has basically overcome difficulties and protests from the outside such as investigations by British, Swedish, Italian, German police, etc. In Europe, a long time ago, lawsuits in the United States against Sebestion Greenwood and Konstantin Ignatov are coming to an end. Konstantin is free and arrives in Sofia. Regarding the internal situation, the problems caused by the deceived leaders caused to the Group have been basically solved, the new leadership structure has been reorganized, the damaged software is about to be fixed. The corporation even planned to replace a new generation blockchain which is faster, stronger and integrated with more features. It can be said that the development of Onecoin has been more oriented, safer and has a clearer vision, so if the Onecoin leader decides to return to run the Group publicly, it is not too strange. The introduction of the Captain's yacht as an award this time round (if really happened) could be a sign that sooner or later Dr. Ruja will appear publicly again at an appropriate time. This is inevitably a desire of the Onecoin community not only in Vietnam but also in the whole world.

These inferences are, of course, only the sentiments of many Onecoin members, based on an uncertain phenomenon, whether it can happen like that or not, no one can assert it because this is by no means official. However, it reflects the members' real wishes.

Written by Nguyen Tien Dung
Translated by Doan Huu Long
Date 23 May 2020
Vietnamese Post:

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