Aug 8, 2020

OneCoin is the future of payments

It is important to see what we have already done, what we do and why we want everything prepared for the future. We’re not just an ordinary cryptocurrency, and it's not just about launching a crypto currency, and then everything's fine.

OneCoin is much more than just a cryptocurrency, It is also a Technological Financial Holding and Ecosystem.

OneCoin is not an different Alt-coin, because every Alt-coin is like decentralised Bitcoin's variety.

OneCoin is not a cryptocurrency for speculation.

OneCoin is stable cryptocurrency without volatility, with steady and even value growth.

OneCoin is really used "Peer-to-Peer" cryptocurrency.

OneCoin has it's own Ecosystem, called "ONE Ecosystem".

OneCoin is mining through a private centralised Blockchain.

OneCoin is a centralised system used KYC and KYB integrated in Blockchain.

OneCoin is a private cryptocurrency created for easy used of everyone and everywhere.

OneCoin is the marchant coin, the first online e-commerce platform using its own crypto.

OneCoin is the future of payments for You, for your Familly, for your Legal Business, for New Global Digital Economy.

Believe it or not! We are going to launch the greatest vision in the field of cryptocurrencies the world has ever seen before.

Stay positive with OneCoin and stay away from so-called leaders who try copy our concept.

Many thanks to all OneCoiners and OneLifers

Best Regards,
Date 18 April 2020

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