Sep 2, 2020

The World Right Now Is In Need Of A Stable Coin

The world right now is in need of a STABLE Coin and Onecoin has been working towards this. The community of Dealshaker users and holders of One, a tool that will serve for the development and growth of usability One.

All fiat currencies revert over time to their intrinsic value of zero, and the dollar is no exception.

Inflation of the currency supply in the system leads to rising prices wrongly called “inflation” Rising prices is the symptom of inflation.

Inflation is a hidden tax on our hard earned dollars , Satoshi nakamoto used technology to break the chains of financial slavery that the working people of this world have been under deliberately or inadvertently, for over 100 years. Cryptocurrency, and in our case the ONE is deflationary, it cannot be inflated the way central banks and governments do with fiat. In this way prices of goods and services will have stability. Although cryptocurrency is relatively new, to this point it is considered as having a store of value like gold and silver do. The reason they are known as “sound money.”

Fiat currency does not have a store of value which is the reason we pay more for the same product today that we bought six months ago.Fiat currency will not disappear, institutional investors, called smart money, know that gold and silver are the default to protect wealth – cryptocurrency is considered liquid gold in some quarters. This would make the ONE, given its merchant friendly quality a very attractive commodity.

The traders would enter into the dealscher but waiting for the exchange, the traders need money, liquidity, they have to reinvest in the goods! if the exchange is made v explode onelife and dealscher, each one would bring new customers! It would revive confidence! No one would sell the coins they would definitely buy! It would only sell a little to see and prove it works! Six years I waited long enough. From 2015 to 2017 I brought people, they saw the meter, now they are stepping on the spot. Then it passed three million, the rest slowly, lacking confidence delayed us demoralized, People trust the currency, want the exchange, who buys bitcoin with ten thousand buy and onecoin with 30 euros.

The coin is meant to be used. This is the concept of Cryptocurrency. However, most members want the company to bring the coin onto an exchange, so they can sell it and convert it into a Fiat currency. Onecoin People 3.6m members. Most if not all want to sell their coins. In order to keep a stable value, sellers have to be met with equivalent buyers. If more sellers than buyers, the coin price will collapse. Is this what you want?

Create a sustainable value of the coin, use it on the DealShaker platform, at a price calculated by the company, comprising of all elements except speculation. Over 120,000 merchants are happily accepting One as part payment with a Fiat.

If we can bring more merchants on the DealShaker, from whom we can buy anything, then there would be no need to exchange the coin. It will be as good as Dollar; Euro and Yen etc., even better, as Crypto has no inflation. Look at Bitcoin as an example.
Post date 04 March 2020

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