Mar 19, 2020

The significance behind the release of Konstantin

Konstantin Ignatov (Dr. Ruja Ignatova's younger brother), the former CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of Onelife has been imprisoned by the US authorities for more than 1 year (from March 6, 2019 to March 13, 2020) with the allegations are not clear.

Court documents on Mark Scott's case:

Everyone understands that the arrest of Konstantin is in the US attempt to hinder the development of the Onecoin because it threatens the US Dollar's dominant position in world trade and reserves. After numerous hearings, many adjudicated hearings, numerous testimonies and rumors of negotiations by the US Department of Justice (DOJ) with a group of lawyers representing Konstantin or rumors of the cooperation of Konstantin with DOJ, the US government eventually released Konstantin without any trial or conviction. The will of the United States against Onecoin or other cryptocurrencies deemed dangerous for the Dollar (such as Facebook's Libra) to protect their USD is immutable. If Konstantin is found guilty, then Onecoin will be restricted or banned and surely the US government has already done so. But after a year, although the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) tried hard but could not find reliable evidence to do so. Until now, Onelife has had profound changes in the apparatus and operating structure in which Konstantin no longer plays the same role as before, the containment of Konstantin has no meaning, so releasing him It is inevitable.

For Mr. Konstantin to be free and not to be found guilty is wonderful. For Onelife Company this information is obviously very good. Firstly, allegations against the Company related to Konstantin have been removed, which is a huge consolation to the members. Secondly, the great efforts of OneLife members in the campaign to release Mr. Konstantin finally succeeded.

The fact that Konstantin is detained or released may not have much influence on the Company because its leadership structure is very different now. (There was a rumor that Konstantin was not in charge of the Company after leaving prison, we have not discussed whether it is true or false). During the time Konstantin was absent, the company has also done a lot of big things like changing the policy on the exchange (instead of going to the available exchanges, Onecoin will open a legal private exchange), apply for a license to prepare the exchange, reorganize the leadership, restructure operations (specialized teams such as Network, Dealshaker, OneForex ...), upgrade, fix the websites, which were ruined when some leaders left the Company etc.

It can be seen that the greatest significance behind the release of Konstantin is the resounding victory of Onelife. It proves that no matter how hard the US government tries to stop Onecoin's progress. After more than 180 incidents, events, anti-sabotage efforts of Onecoin opposition and hatred forces, including the German and Bulgarian Prosecutor Institutes ransacking Onelife's office in Sophia, confiscating documents and servers of Onecoin. Onelife to investigate etc. until the illogical detention of CEO of Onelife in the US, Onelife was still thriving, moving toward the goal. The absurd arrest of Konstantin as a US government's anti-Onecoin action to protect the US Dollar has failed because it failed to prove anything wrong, illegal of Onelife and unobstructed, not It is prohibited to develop Onecoin. With the results of the Onelife investigations in Europe and some other places plus this US failure, there will be no more forces and authorities to launch large-scale anti-Onecoin campaigns.

We also see that after 2017 when the leader of Onecoin was Dr. Ruja Ignatova no longer appears publicly directing the company. Next was her younger brother, Konstantin, who held the position of CEO of a company that was imprisoned in the US for more than 1 year, the company was still operating stably, growing and growing and now there is "only one step left". to the day of opening up their own legal, public exchange. Although there were many incidents such as Duncan leaving with NewDealshaker or many other high-ranking leaders not only to betray, but also to return to compete and destroy the company, the company still moved forward. That said, the Onelife company has really grown with an accurate idea and orientation of Dr. Ruja, with a growing network of members, a sensible structure and a team of highly skilled leaders can lead the company and in a large team driving the company. The company has grown to the point where no one, Konstantin or anyone else, is still moving forward. It can be compared when Steve Jobs died, many people think Apple will no longer be helpless and the company will decline but no, after Steve Jobs has Tim Cook and Apple is still developing.

Written by Nguyen Tien Dung
Translated by Doan Huu Long
Posted on 19 March 2020
Vietnamese Post:

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  1. His committed contribution and work give OneCoin hight and make rich, and we all appreciate.
    We all know Jesus were crucified, Nailed on cross then the Jesus nailed the world.
    Salute to Konstantin, Bravo Brother.