Mar 24, 2020

Newsletter, March 17th, 2020

Captain’s corner,

Our hearts, thoughts and sincerest concerns go out to all the people who have been affected by this recent coronavirus (COVID-19), which has had an unprecedented impact on our lives.

We appreciate all healthcare workers, local communities, and governments from all around the world who are on the front line working to contain the spread of this virus. Please know that we are vigilantly monitoring this COVID-19 situation around the clock and have identified and adopted precautionary measures to ensure the implementation of safe and healthy protocols for any of our meetings or events across the globe.

At this time, we are aware that travel may not be primary on your agenda; however, we want you to know the safety of our IMAs is our top priority and we plead with you to take every precaution. We want to thank every active leader for finding creative ways to add value to our One ecosystem. Please ensure that your safety and of those around you remains a priority.

As we close this message, we wish to advise that very soon, a series of webinars will be organized by the OneLife core team for a 90 day period. At this very crucial time in the world, our message of financial education must be told even more than ever before.

We again encourage you to be safe and to keep the fire burning and remember sharing the OneLife message is caring...

Ones Out



Recently, it has come to our attention that several merchants have started to conduct fraudulent practices outside of the Dealshaker platform which constitutes a high risk of money loss to the people who participate. The deals in question are about sales of gold, real estate properties, motor vehicles and other products of high value.

Many of the above mentioned deals are accompanied by a tempting proposal by the merchant – the buyer should transfer his accounts to the merchant and pay part of the deal price outside of the platform in exchange of some expensive good or service. Bear in mind that this practice is strictly forbidden according to the applicable OneLife T&C 18(2).

Date 18 March 2020


  1. ** Company Inform !! 📣📣

    It was brought up to our attention that a Thailand merchant promoting a gold deal on Facebook claiming that gold can be traded with 20 OneCoin + USD 316 for 15.2gm of gold.

    We advised all OneLife members that all deals need to be transacted on DealShaker platform and not through any offline private deals with any merchants. Anyone who transacts with such advertisements shall bear all the risk.

    The Company and all respective DealShaker Country Managers are not responsible for such deals and cannot reverse any possible damages caused by any such action.

  2. Kim Cuong Nguyen‎

    Nhắc nhở đến anh chị em:

    Việc anh Simon xuất hiện tại Thái Lan là nhằm hỗ trợ định hướng và điều chỉnh đường lối cho phù hợp với chiến lược của tập đoàn tránh những sai phạm trong thời gian vừa qua.

    Việc Mr Kay đến tham dự là bình thường vì bất cứ thành viên hay leader nào của Thái Lan cũng có quyền tham gia.

    Do đó anh chị em đừng suy diễn đừng gán ghép đừng đánh bóng tên tuổi bản thân hay lợi dụng tên tuổi anh Simon vào mưu đồ riêng.