Dec 13, 2019


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Amazing OneLife News!
DealShaker Expos all over the world
Merchant Spotlight - One Dream Club Vietnam!
The Crypto Center

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The OneLife Network (OLN) is a growing global network that was born out of the OneCoin cryptocurrency brand. The Network has a digital platform with a unique portfolio of sophisticated products and social networking tools that help members achieve financial independence. Members enjoy access to an array of e-learning programs that help them apply financial theory to practice.

Want to find out more about the OneLife Network and the OneCoin cryptocurrency? Now you learn more IN 18 DIFFERENT LANGUAGES!

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The beginning of a new year provides a chance for reflection, consideration of new opportunities and professional growth. This is exactly the moment for the LEGEND of ONE to engage in such a process.

After several constructive meetings with the leaders of the company and considering the last few months, that were hardest for the OneLife Family, we managed to figure out current challenges and to build a long-term strategy dealing with them.

We’re excited to announce the promotion of Crown Diamond Le Simon Quoc-Hung to a Captain of the OneLife Network. He will be assisted by Blue Diamond Cordel “King Jayms” James as Co-Captain in leading the Network Operations, they both will be acting as a “bridge” between the Network members and the corporate company. We strongly believe that their experience, energy and enthusiasm will unify OneLife family members and will lead to company growth. Sticking to the core values of the One Ecosystem, we know they will Keep the Main thing the Main thing. Education to the Masses and Usability of the One Cryptocurrency.

We’re planning new OLN promotions, DealShaker promotions and Ranking promotions for the 1st quarter of the upcoming year. There's also plan for a global OLN event which is long due.

Recently we were facing some technical issues with the website and our IT Team is currently working on solving them. We’re focusing our strength on developing a long-term strategy for avoiding such technical issues in the future.

There will be a new restructuring for the GLG (Global Leadership Group) and Inner Circle GLG. Please stay tune to our corporate newsletters where weekly info will be provided.

We are pleased to share some photos from recent DealShaker Expo events in the Network:


November 30 - December 1

A large regional event and DealShaker EXPO - ONESIB took place in the Russian city of Novosibirsk!

In the first two days there was a regional event and then the DealShaker EXPO. Still, we had an additional third day which comprised training by OneLife world leaders for the Russian leaders. The 3-day program was very busy and, unfortunately, this forum would not permit in-depth explanation. But, thankfully, we can share the highlights of this event with you.

A total of 295 people attended the event, of which 121 were merchants with a variety of goods and services on sale for Ones.

On the first day, a conference was held at which sub-franchisees of the regions (9), major merchants, world leaders of the company (Dr. Putra, Nikolai Khan and King Jayms), as well as the organizers of the event participated. A large entertainment program was organized, which took place throughout the conference. A beauty contest was held at the GALA dinner, in which the daughters of our partners took part. The talents of each were evaluated by a jury based on the results of three competitions. The award took place in three categories: Miss OneLife, Miss Dealshaker and Miss OneSib. Each of the winners received a mink coat as a gift.

On the second day, the Expo Dealshaker exhibition was held, which was attended by 121 merchants. 338 deals were presented, of which 163 were traded for 100% ONE and 81 were traded for 50% ONE, and the remaining trades were worth more than 51 to 99% ONE. Merchants offered for sale: clothes and shoes, food, health products, jewelry (including gold) and perfumes, souvenirs and more. First, merchants were given the opportunity to purchase goods from each other, and then to all partners. Each of the partners and merchants participating in the EXPO were able to purchase gifts for relatives and friends by the new year.

On the third day, there was a leadership training by Dr. Putra and Nikolai Khan on working with OneLife, DealShaker and on conducting regional events. Each of the present leaders received a lot of practical knowledge and examples of building competent work.
Each of the guests received many impressions, knowledge and purchased goods and services for Ones! The organizing team thanks all the participants for supporting the ONESIB event and coming to Siberia with their teams!

See you at new events!

Best regards,
The DealShaker Russia Team


Verona Expo - November 30 - December 1


A great Mastermind with more than 700 people coming from over 30 countries ended with great success. It was organized by the Blue Diamond Luca Miatton with the Verona team alongside the Italian DealShaker franchise holder Marco Vassanelli.

With great efforts, members have been taken from hotels to the venue & back to visit Verona by buses & minivans.

More than 130 merchants sold products & services with over 6,000 participants using their Ones. The majority of merchants were sold-out by the early afternoon!

Congratulations and special thanks to the people who have worked for this great success and for the example portrayed to the OneLife community.

***The impossible is possible***


December 4 - December 5

On December 4th, a DealShaker EXPO took place in Kiev, Ukraine. Many quests came from many regions of the nation and even all over the world, including countries such as: Russia, Kazakhstan, Vietnam and Azerbaijan.

There were 350 guests and 45 merchants.

Among the goods were: clothes, honey, gym services and equipment, tailor services, hotels and travel vouchers, games for children, cars, apartments, electric devices, wine, medical diagnostic equipment, cakes and massage service.

On December 5th, a Mastermind was held and leaders and active partners were sharing their experiences as merchants on the DealShaker.

Everyone was excited and motivated to build DealShaker even more by getting more merchants and making Ones more usable on the platform.



OneDream Club Vietnam

Here is a highlight of an exciting location in Vietnam accepting ONES:

At OneDream Club we provide restaurants, coffee and Spa & Beauty with OneCoins.

The OneDream Club is not just known for accepting OneCoin as a means of payment, but to also bring extremely delicious, nutritious foods to every person who eats vegetarian food. The quality of the food is so high-class that the consumer won’t even recognize meat is missing!

Currently, many meat restaurants are trying to attract more people by mouth-watering advertisements. However, we have recognized that most customers do not know what comprises the products they consume. Thus, we aim to educate our target market on the alternatives that are available, enabling them to make a more informed decision. Westerners often say "You are what you eat!". This means that our food constitutes our body. If you eat clean and healthy, your body will be healthy. On the other hand, if the opposite is done, there will be an adverse effect on the body. In the past, people raised pigs and cows. It took a lot of time to harvest meat. But, nowadays, due to a profit incentive, many chemicals are inserted into the bodies of those animals. These chemicals seep into the animals’ flesh. Before they become completely harmless, we consume them and unintentionally poison our own bodies. This constitutes the causes of cancer worldwide. Due to illness, much money is spent on medical care in an attempt to recover.

We ask the simple question, why not prevent diseases instead of treating it? OneDream Club was born for these reasons: preventative ones. Our food is cooked and served from the heart and the main goal is to promote a healthy lifestyle through healthy eating for everyone at a reasonable price.

I implore you to come and experience the flavourful foods at OneDream Club No. 18A, Cong Hoa Street, Ward 12, Tan Binh District, HCM City. Vietnam

Last but not least, the Sofia Crypto Center is currently undergoing a remodel and renovation. We expect the new vision of the Center will be finalized after Christmas Holidays, to usher New Year 2020.

Warmest Regards,
OneLife Network Family


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