Jun 12, 2020

Key Points In Mr Kim Cuong’s Livestream

Although I already prepared lots of ideas, right now in this sharing it is still hard to express all of things I wish to say. It seems like all emotions devoted to every post, so when I share my ideas in live stream, it cannot show all thoughts in my brain as well as feelings in my heart.

Therefore, I want to synthetize the last live stream with a more objective and informative perspective and answer some questions which you asked tonight.

1) Is this true that they closed onecoin.eu to investigate like Page toiyeubitcoin.com has written?

Ladies and gentlemen, the domain name onecoin.eu has been registered in San Francisco, AClifomia,USA since 2002. It was not, however, brought into operation until 2014. It was also the time of Onelife Network Company’s establishment by Doctor Ruja Ignatova - a brilliant woman bom in 1980. From then on now, the domain name is still working very well. Nevertheless, perhaps you already forgot, in 2016, we used the new domain name which was onelife.eu to transfer gradually actions from onecoin.eu ( the domain name onelife.eu was registered in 2015 in Sofia, Bulgaria). And then we changed our interest as well as log in status to onelife.eu with more affection. Until some days ago, we could not log in Page onecoin.eu. hence, lots of members feel confused not only because of disconnection but also the title “ The main Website of Onecoin already stops working, the DNS record is being investigated.” (tapchibitcoin.vn) or “ The main website of Onecoin already closed, Death bells ring for the Ponzi organization, (traderviet.com). This is ridiculous! They do not know the domain name onecoin.eu has 17 years from the time of registration, very long numbers come from the idea of genius. Perhaps they do not know that Onelife Cooperation currently has more than 10 websites and onecoin.eu is just one of them. While all the major items are for onelife.eu, dealshaker.com, ... and onecoinexchange upcoming, onecoin.eu is also a factor in those items. And just recently everything hes been clear when returning to its being. Onecoin.eu is not hacked, it is not closed by the government to investigate but there are people who because of greed affect the IoT of the corporation and then also turn away. Now the corporation has rectified and has found the causes as well as has been gradually overcome. Therefore, you should be assured of this.

2) Was the Sofia office in Bulgaria closed?

The baseless rumors were because of images of staff cleaning up documents then they attributed to the confiscation of the crime to investigate. This is ridiculous! Sofia office in recent days is being renovated and refreshed with more modem equipment. Therefore, the employees move temporarily to another place. Funny instead!

3) Is Onecoin or more precisely Onelife a swindle?

The answer has been mentioned in many articles, among them is "The long- lasting legal battle", (http://www.tuvanonecoin.net/2019/11/cuoc-chien-phap- lv-truong-kv.html F You can read it. More importantly, you should try to reverse the problem. Are there any fraudulent corporations or companies that exist for more than 5 years? Are there any fraudulent organizations that have passed more than 180 investigations from individual accusations and allegations by authorities? Is there any scam in which Dealshaker events are taking place all over the globe? And according to the misrepresentation, fabrication or slander of websites, has Onecoin been the biggest fraud so far or has Ruja taken more than 4 billion USD or more than 19 billion USD then decamped?

No. of course. We will not be able to escape from government’s power because at that moment all systems will be frozen, all assets will be sealed and documents will be confiscated. Of course the events must be ended immediately. And Ruja cannot escape from the legal enclosure of the authorities. Even the notorious terrorist Osama Bin Laden was killed in the secret room of his mansion. That's it, Onelife - Onecoin - Dealshaker is still shared, still develope everywhere, the system as well as the office are still working well. Yet Onecoin is still labeled as a fraud by hostile forces. It is painful!

Standing in the middle of the line between the so-called scam or not scam is fragile. In the past few years, there are still many projects bom for real life but then on the exchange, they drowned, even dropped many times compared to the time of the ICO issue. It is not to mention projects that vanish into nothingness. Is this considered a scam or not? The last thing I want to say is believe in the way you have come and have chosen, which is called Onelife.

4) Does Onecoin have a blockchain?

Before answering this question, let's answer the question: "How much does it cost to have a blockchain?". Just a few tens of thousands of dollars, we already own a fairly modern blockchain. So who are the one who can raise ICOs by selling tokens corresponding to the project? Anyone, any company, just need to register business in countries with clear laws or legal frameworks on cryptocurrency, ICO. Those are the stories we saw in the 'ICO season' starting from 2017. How many ICO projects appear then many projects leave under the cover of ICO mobilization to implement the project strategy. And until today, how many projects actually exist?

Back to the question, with tremendous revenue from dealshaker and oneacademy, we have more than enough power to write a super modem blockchain. Surely everyone has forgotten Marcelo Garia Casil, who was known as one of the most knowledgeable blockchain experts worldwide, who created the Onecoin blockchain. In addition, we hired the independent audit firm Semper Fortis which is part of Morison International to audit Onecoin's monthly blockchain. Finally, over 180 surveys we have verified our plainness and full of technology. That is a poweful testament and affirmation to any allegation.

5) How many dots is the blockchain of Onecoin? How does it work?

Quite interesting question! This topic will be shared by Kim Cuong in an independent article on the overview of blockchain. However, I will send some messages to you. Starting from October 1, 2016, the group replaced the old blockchain technology with a mining speed of about 1,440,000 onecoins, or about 1,000 onecoins per minute to move to the new platform. With the new technology, an average of 50000 onecoins / minute means 72 million onecoins / day. And with such mining speed, it seems that no coin's blockchain can match. Moreover, we use blockchain into dealshaker.com to exchange goods, which is an unprecedented application. The place where there was only Cybermiles later came off but didn't penetrate. It is not to mention that after going on the exchange we will use blockchain technology on the oneforex exchange or connect the global money transfer service One Remitances, which further enhances its inherent technological strength. What Ripple has been doing for a long time. In the end, the Onecoin blockchain's transaction processing speed is higher than both the Master Card and Visa Card combined, while the Bitcoin Blockchain averages 3 to 7 transactions per second, Ether handles an average of 15 transactions per second, and visa can process 24000 transactions / second. From there, we can self-assess or have an objective view of what Onecoin's blockchain is like.

6) Does Onecoin launder money like online rumors?

Dear all of you! Has Onecoin been on exchange yet? If a coin has been on exchange and has traded, it can be attributed to Fiat money. At that time we only talked about the so-called money laundering because there will be individuals or organizations that use Onecoin with malicious schemes. But perhaps that money laundering mark is once again assigned to the wrong place because from the beginning, we have equipped Onecoin with KYC (Know your customer) or KYB (Know your business) on dealshaker.com platform. It is not to mention that we have complied with AML (Anti money laundring) with centralized blockchain and monthly transparent audit by independent auditing company. It is a strong affirmation of the righteous value of Onecoin over the years and also meets all of the most stringent legal criteria and standards related to the government. Therefore, the above baseless rumors seriously affect the image and brand of Onelife - Onecoin. Maybe it stems from China arresting 119 suspects in relation to Onecoin on May 17, 2018 or is it related to several groups of people in Belgium, Switzerland, India, ... Supposed that it was true, it had to come from the individual rather than from the corporation. Perhaps the propaganda and sharing which are contrary to the corporation's policy lead to these unfortunate things. All of the above values are on behalf of thousands of words about Onecoin.

7) Why were there passionate leaders sharing in the past, where are they now?

Yes ! That is the normal rule of any company or group from start-up to success. There are always leaving and staying. There will be those who turn on their heels when the company gets stuck, but there are still many who are willing to stay to devote themselves to the ultimate success. That is what I have shared in the article «who goes, who stays» (iittp://www.tuvanonecoin.net/2019/1 o/ke-ra- di-nuuoi-o-lai.html). You can read it. And be assured that those who leave with betrayal have been stripped of their titles, their accounts have been confiscated. For those who leave with other projects will also return to Onecoin as soon as the exchange begins because of their account. Surely they have forgotten where the value of coin comes from? Surely they do not remember the large community and the huge number of members who dominate the Onelife project without any rival. A serious mistake. Perhaps because of the illusionary delusion and the greed of profit. However, instead of a project that has to let the whole community win to show this is a humanity project, they choose the money path when turning away with other projects without knowing that they gain less than losing. Among them, investors under them are the bitter.

8) Does Oneforex really need for all members?

Oneforex is a very powerful strategic piece in the Onelife ecosystem. It will be integrated into the Onecoin exchange as soon as Onecoin is offered. Referring to Forex is referring to the potential and fertile market. It is where the average daily trading volume is about 5000 billion USD, 20 times higher than the US stock market and 15 times higher than the US bond market. That number is a desire for financial markets. This explains why we connect with Forex, let think!, just moving 20% of them ($ 1,000 billion), how much Onecoin Exchange will have revenue and profit. And of course with this strategic card, the corporation will use to enhance the value and brand of Onecoin.

So do all have to learn about Oneforex? The answer is not necessary. Simply because Forex is not easy to join, where it requires knowledge and experience with the skills cultivated through years. There are many people in the financial field with nearly 10 years of experience but when trading they still loss as usual. So if you feel like you are capable, just join the game, maybe you can earn income from that segment. And for those of you who do not catch technology well or just transfer coins to Fiat, buy and sell on dealshaker, you do not need to learn it.

9) Are we an Onelife member - Onecoin or an Onecoin investor?

We are often confused with concepts. If the people who buy educational packages in One Academy are called Onelife members. We simply go to school in the financial education program. Since the Dubai event in September 2018, Onelife has registered to issue tokens to raise ICOs and, of course, once registered, it must comply with the ICO law with many countries that have laws. Participants who buy OFC packages during an ICO are called Onecoin investors. So what's the difference? Absolutely different. Firstly, from the perspective of the law, the corporation is responsible for investors that are larger than Onelife members. Secondly when they are first on the exchange , they will be given priority to transfer before members of the course.

10) Instructions on how to find products on dealshaker.com?

I will take a few examples to hint to you.

Example 1: We want to find 100% Onecoin products.

Right in the empty box “search here”, please type “100% Onecoin”.

Example 2: Looking for products sold in Vietnam.

Also in the “search here” box, type “Việt Nam” or “Viet Nam” or “Vietnam”. Example 3: Finding a specific product in a certain country. Such as cars Also in the “search here” box, type “car”.

11) When did the Onecoin exchange start?

This is a legitimate question that everyone wants to know. However, in order to answer correctly,it is not me, even Mr Sinom or Ms Mai Loan cannot know exactly because all strategies are still in the secret area. However, we do have some arguments to be certain that Onecoin will be in public in 2020 (Probably in Q1 / 2020).

Those arguments will follow in this article. Please wait for me.

12) When merchants are transferd to go shopping?

Of course, as soon as Onecoin is on the exchange. Merchant will be partially transferd from the coins collected during the exchange of goods and services on dealshaker.com. And here we only refer to the true merchant meaning that the merchant creates a store to exchange for the correct value of the coin. For merchants creating with the purpose of transferring money or cheating, the corporation will not be able to surpass the corporation. Simply because the numbers for each transaction are enough to know if it is real merchant or not? Of course, these merchants are not transferd.

Looking back on the issue, it seems that many senior leaders still do not have an objective view and have not appreciated the current status of dealshaker. Somewhere, many merchants have to sacrifice part of their cash in the stores on the deal to create Onecoin value. While Onecoin has not been transferd yet. Nevertheless, with the spirit of dedication, we silently thank them for creating a vibrant market, promoting merchants and promoting dealshaker development. There are many businesses they want to connect to dealshaker, however they must see that Onecoin really transfer they just jumped in. This is what everyone is being confused disturbed.

13) Guide trading on the exchange?

Rest assured, Onecoin is designed for the public so every transaction will be much simpler than the coins out there. And there will be videos or articles to guide you. In addition, there are training sessions as well as support so that everyone knows how to trade and withdraw money to their pocket.

14) In countries where there is no clear law or legal framework on Cryptocurrency, can the Onecoin Exchange be operated?

Rest assured, what you worry the corporation has prepared. Remember we have a great trade dealshaker. Countries may not have laws yet or even restrictions, but they must accept e-commerce. So we're going to push dealshaker e- commerce into it. Those countries agree, we go straight to the trading exchange.

15) Handling KYC situations

This topic is not new, but there have been many people suffering from it in the past few years. Perhaps I should have written a complete article on all the cases that happened to KYC in order to help you.

16) What do you do after being on the exchange?

It depends on the individual. But there are two things we need to care about: Health and beauty. About Health, we can use Riway stem cell products, breakthroughs in technology and medicine. About beauty, we can use the world's leading Artistry brand. I am pleased to distribute to all of you.

17) What does gmail mean on Onelife?

Very importan, everyone!

Firstly,it helps protect your sibling account in case of a hack. We can send a letter to the corporation and ask for intervention.

Secondly, in case of forgetting password 1 or changing password 1, password 2. We can send information to gmail to get it back.

Thirdly, after being on the exchange, you want to transfer coins to trade. At that time Onelife will send to gmail a 6-digit verification code, we must enter those 6 digits into the required field.

Hue city, Vietnam, 05 Dec, 2019
Kim Cuong Nguyen
Cell Phone: +84904333801 or +84966224413

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