Oct 8, 2019

Congratulatoins OneCoin got legal status in Germany

Further analysis of records against OneCoin reveal no significant results.

Further inspection and analysis of German law enforcement authorities’ records have confirmed that German authorities have not obtained any incriminating investigative results of criminal proceedings against OneCoin whatsoever which are reliable and relevant.

The allegations against OneCoin have been ongoing since 2016 but no criminal charges have been brought against the company and an indictment is not foreseeable at this point. On the contrary, all interim decisions have been appealed against and constitutional complaints have been lodged with the German Federal Constitutional Court (the decisions are still pending).

The records show several international investigative measures were originally planned in numerous countries, some of which were never carried out.

Almost two years after the searches in Bulgaria were conducted, the main accusation raised by the investigators that the blockchain does not exist, cannot be proven by the authorities. As a reminder, a private limited liability company ‘Dence GmbH’ was commissioned twice as an independent expert to examine existence of the Blockchain. Both expert reports have confirmed that no indications supporting this accusation could be found – on the contrary: several investigations by experts showed clear indications that point to the existence of a blockchain.

In May, 2019 the state office of criminal investigation in Düsseldorf has prepared its own investigation report, based on the Bulgarian exhibits. The main issues were whether OneCoin is a cryptocurrency and, if so, how does it work.

The report states that the unencrypted server areas contain, quote “(…) at least hints to the functional principle of the first OneCoin Blockchain.“ and that – congruent to OneCoin’s claims (quote) “a private Blockchain” was created.

Their merits of a private Blockchain have been proven. Thus, these attempted attacks were a complete failure.

The investigators also had to evaluate the training videos in detail and come to find out excellent internationally reputable professors, junior professors, assistant professors and lecturers appeared in those videos. For instance, prof. dr. Angel Marchev, who conducted the 32-minute video “Fundamentals of Finance - Introduction to Finance”.

The renowned business platform “LinkedIn” offers enough proof of prof. dr. Marchev`s reputation regarding ‘Management Consulting’ and his qualification as Ph.D. On the website ‘Researchegate’ one can find further proof of his reputation with references made to the ‘University of National and World Economy’ and his special expertise in ‘Control Systems Engineering’ and ‘Quantitative Social Research’.

This also applies to the lectures ‘Fundamentals of Finance’ and ‘Money and Monetary System’ as well as ‘Introduction to Financial Management’, which found their way into the investigative records and clarified that selected training content was delivered in accordance with the contract and the curriculum.

We stand firmly behind our opinion that in the future, cryptocurrencies and the payment system will operate in parallel, but also in cooperation with central banks and governments and in accordance to their rules. Even in the light of a criminal record, the potential in this vision is apparent. In spite of the interest-driven resistance of ill-wishing competitors and some supporters of the old financial system, we continue to strive to achieve these goals and to develop further the concept of the financial revolution.

This was and still remains our vision. The current tendencies of using the monetary policy as a political tool confirms our belief that the financial revolution is an essential element of the an individuals‘ financial freedom and that it can help millions of people gain this financial freedom in their daily lives.

The records confirm that since 2014 we have managed to inspire and convince the most reputable scientists of our vision. We remain convinced that the central Blockchain system is the key technology necessary to achieve our goals. Several sections of the records show that the original allegations are collapsing, for example, in one of the sections it says that, quote „no incriminating conclusions can be drawn from the observations“.

We continue to believe that this is the future. Another very important, gratifying insight we have gained is the loyalty of our business partners which has remained strong despite the year-long negative campaign against the company.

We would like thank them for their constant support!

GLG Inner circle.
Post Date 10, Oct 2019
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