Sep 20, 2019

Please Support Massive Action to Complain BBC

Extremely important and take action please everyone: link for the “make a Complaint” and follow the steps - Panorama programme on BBC 1 (television) scheduled for 19/09/2019. When main body of complaint window appears, just note that it is only allowed for 2000 characters - but after getting the acknowledgement with that reference number you can go back as many times as required to keep on adding your views/points.

These are some of the areas you can cover with your own wordings - please do not copy exactly as it is, because then it won’t be treated as your genuine complaint and could be seen as copy & paste job! It is important that we all do this tonight and tomorrow to have some affect . . .
The most important points are the following:

1. Need to be objective and not one sided with interviewing those who are no longer with OC / OLN due to violations & breaches of IMA terms & conditions

2. Examine those expert’s reports on our blockchain and the company is able to share that when requested officially

3. Know that with all the past investigations they found no wrong doings

4. Understand that those who mis-sold our educational packages are punished accordingly and it was their own responsibility to conduct their business lawfully

5. Worldwide we have created a secure, safe, regulated and much more to prevent unlawful activities with our systems in place

6. The DealShaker creating a “hub” for cross border marketing of products / payments

7. OWF charitable work that we are doing since the start and our achievement to date

8. The biggest OLN community in the world from all different countries and background - truly the ONE family approach regardless of their race, belief or gender (equal chances)

9. Creating the mass market payments system for all

10. Bringing the ‘unbanked’ and the ‘underbanked’ to benefit from the next financial revolution

All the above are what the BBC and the world need to consider before deciding what we really stand for and what OneCoin would offer to the ordinary people without any special training or being an IT expert.

Post date 20 Sep, 2019
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