Sep 20, 2019

Email correspondence between Onelife and BBC

Important for you to read, Email conversation between BBC and Onelife. Read and share so that everyone can see how twisted the story is. Here is the truth revealed and explained by corporate.

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BBC: Hello, Thank you for your response. We would like to interview one of your representatives for the series if that was possible?Please let us know when would work for you over the next week and we can get something set up. Could you please provide details of the two opinions cited in the response about the blockchain?

It would be good to see their reports and speak to them further. Do you have a current date when the exchange will open? I’m also interested to know more about DealShaker – how many merchants are successfully trading on the platform using OneCoin? What are the main goods being traded? I’d be interested in speaking to one of the merchants for DealShaker for the series so please let me know if there is someone I could set up an interview with. Many thanks,

Onelife: Dear Georgia, We appreciate your interest in the other side of the story. However, it seems for us that your proposal is not fair and do not allow us to reveal the truth. You are expecting a merchant and a person from the company for an interview. Meanwhile, you have already prepared 8-part podcast series with information provided by many haters, former employees and sanctioned IMA-s for fraud or T&C violations who chase personal gain. We can prove these allegations. We are ready to assist if this series give us equal chance to defend ourselves. There are many people who can be interviewed as those who understand the One Ecosystem and foresee the potential of it. These people are willing to explain to you the numerous FREE training the company provided for years upon: AML/CFT rules and regulations; compliance policies; CDD policies along with KYC and KYCC procedures, on boarding and monitoring policies, franchise systems; fraud prevention and who can explain the company CDD acumen. You have to see and hear what the official authorities have reviewed – WORTHY COIN because of the DealShaker platform; two reports confirming the blockchain existence and functionalities; educational materials, confirmed to be with good quality and written from experts in different financial and legal spheres; no fraud has been detected. If you are willing to stop this programme from being podcasted, we can provide all necessary materials for you to review and actually see the truth. Kindest regards.

Accusation BBC: OneCoin is not a cryptocurrency because outside its ecosystem it has no value. Its nominal price is not determined by supply and demand but is manipulated and set internally.

Response Onelife: Quite obviously, OneCoin verifiably fulfills all criteria of the definition of a cryptocurrency and also those of a transparent pricing that is in line with the common market. This value is now confirmed and reflects the constant worldwide trading activities, such as, the ‘DeaShaker’ platform and elsewhere. Our wish and aim is the ONE (the official name of the cryptocurrency) to be traded to much further extent. Even the records of the proceedings led against OneCoin, which we will discuss directly below, show that people trade cars, land, houses and high-value commodities, as well as all kinds of products and services from thousands of sellers against 100 % ONE or mixed payments and that they are unfortunately, still being slowed down by authorities and regulators /haters when doing so. We regret this and consider it to be illegitimate and illegal – and ultimately caused by the interests of the state-operated currency monopolistic against the values of economic freedom and/or personal gain. Our partners, our customers and our lawyers are fighting successfully against this action around the globe and we are sure that the vision of a new system on the basis of a ‘financial revolution’ will be established.

Accusation BBC: OneCoin has no true, verifiable blockchain.

Response Onelife: It is incorrect! We regret the suspicion the blockchain does not exist keeps being brought up again and again by partial interests. In this regard, we can cite two expert opinions that have been prepared by a specialized IT firm which have been drafted for years and even been supplemented in the course of an investigation led by the public prosecutor of Bielefeld. It has not been substantiated. On the contrary, the investigations aimed against OneCoin even rendered proof of valid indications that the blockchain exists. In this regard, we have already published statements with references to concrete official records and have quoted from them. The situation is clear. OneCoin has a particularly innovative system of a centralized blockchain, which we believe to be superior for many reasons. It has a number of significant advantages compared to others, less innovative technological concepts of the decentralized blockchain. To be precise: the central blockchain ensures a higher degree of security from attacks, which is a tremendously important aspect in the age of hacking. Well-known authors have also emphasized, such as the Germany’s largest weekly journal ‘NJW’ (‘Neue Juristische Wochenschrift’; Schrey/Thalhofer: Rechtliche Aspekte der Blockchain [Legal Aspects of the Blockchain], NJW 2017, 1431). Here some specifics of the ONE centralized system: The Centralized blockchain offers much more customization and control to the company or the organization deploying it over the network. The Company can search and monitor IMA-s behaviour according to regulations (PEP and Sanction lists) The Company can apply AML/CFT and reporting procedures if necessary (if reasonable grounds are present to consider an identity or financial fraud have been committed) The Company is enabled to decide independentlywho can participate and have access to the network. (Onboarding policy, Sanction policy). Тhe Company canapply all KYC and KYCC regulations and in that sense is closer to financial institutions and government. In many locations, cryptocurrencies are not regulated and this enables the applicable CDD process to bank the unbanked people. The Centralized blockchain is more environmentally friendly since they do not need so many resources to implement and to secure the entire network. The bigger the public blockchain is (Bitcoin, for instance), the more miners are needed to make things work. This is not an environmentally friendly blockchain since just one simple Bitcoin transaction has a very high cost. Organizations and companies can store and protect their most valuable data with the help of a centralized blockchain.

Acussation BBC: Nobody can trade ONE on an open exchange, profits come only from commission for getting others on board. As such it is a Ponzi scheme. Continued promises of a future open exchange where ONE can be traded for fiat currency have never been realized. Based on broken commitments in the past and the total nominal worth of OneCoin in people's accounts now being of an unsustainably high value, there appears to be no evidence that it ever will be launched. Yet people are being purposefully led to believe otherwise. We intend therefore to describe OneCoin as a scam.

Response Onelife: Firstly, it is already untrue that ONE is not tradable. ‘Dealshaker’ is one of the major global trading platforms and has been continuously developed further by us. Why is ONE the coin for merchants? The fact that cryptocurrencies operate in a highly unregulated industry and have a reputation of being “risky”, ‘pyramid’ or ‘bubble’ presents a serious barrier for their mass scale adoption by most users and retailers. As stated many times, there are various reasons why cryptocurrencies could become the generally accepted payment means of the future. Payment via cryptocurrencies offers advantages to both customers and retailers, making them attractive to both sides. Reasons for that: LOWER TRANSACTION FEES As opposed to credit card companies, which usually charge up to 3% in processing fees, which can add up quickly. In contrast, cryptocurrency transaction fees usually do not exceed 1%, making them desirable for retailers. FASTER AND SECURE TRANSACTIONS. EXCHANGE WITHOUT A MIDDLEMAN One of the main benefits of cryptocurrency payments is the exchange, meaning the removal of a middleman. This means that the technology is designed to facilitate (at least theoretically) instantaneous, cheap and secure settlement of values without a middleman, such as banks. REWARD INCENTIVES Many retailers and online platforms accepting cryptocurrencies as a payment method, have developed incentive and reward programs for doing so. For instance, merchants can participate in free advertising campaigns in accordance with the Company strategy. The numerous advantages of payment coins have led to the fact that there is now a large number of cryptocurrencies aiming to become generally or widely accepted payment means. Out of the total 1,910 cryptocurrencies which are listed on CoinMarketCap, it is expected that about 10-20% of them are payment coins or payment tokens. And even more will come. What distinguishes ONE from all other coins and has ultimately lead to its acceptance and usage by a large group of retailers is: 1. the size of the partner network (active accounts are 3 559 259 and registered accounts are 13 002 970) 2. the speed and transaction efficiency, w and profit first. While law and profit are indeed important, it is not the most vital thing about our franchise model. At its core, our franchise model is about the franchisor’s brand value, vision, standards and goals. It is Intuit personal (lat. because of the person), a personal services contract, where the person of one of the contracting parties is an essential term of the contract. When it comes to the Franchise segment of the EcoSystem andits purpose, the main focus is on creating the demand while using our knowledge for local market specifics.

The expansion of OneCoin is merely being slowed down and prevented by the authorities, former employees disseminated untrue facts about the company for their personal gain, former IMA-s suspended for different T&C violations – which we believe is clearly illegal. We are convinced that these obstructions will not prevail in the end. It has been this way with all great innovations. In this context, it is our special concern to use the opportunity to emphasize the outstanding loyalty of our customers, which we are particularly proud of. We would like to thank them for it. If the accusations were only remotely correct, the behavior of hundreds of thousands of people would be

If the accusations were only remotely correct, the behavior of hundreds of thousands of people would be inexplicable. We know from the records that concrete sales activities relating to cars, food chains etc. have been prevented. There are businesses in all branches of the industry (tourism, manufacturing, transportation, constructions etc.) where you can pay by using ONE. We want nothing more than the market being opened and regulations being lifted. But this is not in our hands. We are fighting – also by way of legal action – for this freedom. The barriers set by state are what constrain this freedom. The intermediary steps are exemplary numerous legal proceedings won in Germany by cessation of proceedings in Nuremberg and successful decisions in North Rhine-Westphalia in high courts such as the Superior District Court of Hamm. In Sweden, the authorities confirmed on May 2, 2019 that there are no current proceedings relating to the accusations against OneCoin. Accusations have been raised by competitors, enviers and exponents of the ‘old’ financial world. Numerous proceedings already prove the accusations are completely untenable. Furthermore, the investigations against OneCoin has examined the sellers on the ‘Dealshaker’ platform actually exist. These investigations confirmed and praised ‘OneCoin’ and the trading platform.

Accusation BBC: The millions of people around the world who have invested in OneCoin cannot exchange or spend their OneCoin. Their OneCoins have no external value, meaning they have no way of realizing their investments. OneCoin continues to promote this coin around the world, even though it is not publicly tradable.

Response Onelife: As we have explained continuously, it is OneCoin’s aim to expand the markets and the possibilities of OneCoin’s fungibility. In fact, the Exchange and Remittances are just parts from the One Ecosystem with equal importance as all other parts. We are working hard on this each day. Our employees and partners, as well as lawyers and attorneys around the world are fighting for this. It is also important that excellent professors and financial scholars are lecturers in the context of the OneAcademy training packages. We assure you we will be relieved when the regulatory obstructions constraining people’s freedom and trading, do not exist. These restrictions are not up to us. We successfully and tenaciously use all legal means to a great extent and utilize them fully to facilitate the enforcement of the greatest possible freedom of trading and exchangeability. We would like to take the occasion and express our gratitude and respect to every media outlet all over the world which values the truth and insists on working according the main laws of journalism, professional ethics and integrity!

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