Jun 22, 2019

Friday 21/06: Exchange platform weekly summary


Week 7


* Ongoing work for creating an additional mechanism, based on One Ecosystem concept which establishes coin price stability and also facilitates Exchange demand.


* Still waiting for an exact date proposal on when the Exchange company to be invited to participate in a final physical meeting with the CB. The IT committee report regarding the coins and tokens will be presented during that meeting together with the fee approval.

*Business continuity plan – ready and submitted According to CB Board members of the Exchange company should attend a seminar at the CB in the country of the licenses for AML and CFT (several dates have been provided).

* Payment gateway – recently one of the multinational financial service corporations has introduced a bridge card from crypto to fiat currency for a limited acceptance by merchants. The payment card is in fiat and the conversion can happen directly on the Exchange. The crypto will be stored in the wallet on the Exchange and people will spend fiat with the associated payment card. Ongoing negotiations; calls with Compliance department scheduled for Monday. Hope for a good result which will provide stability for the whole One Ecosystem.

* Exchange limits – Ongoing discussion about Limits Management. The exchange needs to maintain a liquidity based on the available liquidity line. That liquidity line is the Liquid cash that will be injected in the account on the TOP of the shared capital to secure smooth cash operations. The limits’ management is based on the principles of the cash/ liquidity risk management and stress testing that are based on formulas which may vary depending on the volumes of supply and demand. The concept is based on the following parameters:

1- The total stock of coins issued refers to the number of coins that are released for Trading.

2- The total number of coins traded refers to the number of coins that are held and/ or traded by the members of the network.

3- The total number of coins with status “Idle” (non-traded) refers to the number of coins that are still in stock and are held by the issuer. This is a result of the following formula: total stock of coins - (minus) total number of coins traded.

4- The Unit Basic price is the price of the coin upon issuance. This doesn’t consider any premium, discount or reward.

5- The trading Price is the real Market Price, resulting from the trading activity which is the result of the following formula: basic price * (multiplied by) market value. Market value is the result of the following formula: (Demand - (minus) Supply) over supply.

6- The Market Cap is the result of the total number of coins traded * (multiplied by) the trading price.

7- The Liquidity Ratio refers to the available liquidity to cover the cash demand and is the result of the following formula: Liquidity Balance (/divided by) Market Cap (in percentage).

The breakdown by each member of the network is the following:

1- The wallet balance which refers to the number of coins held by the member.

2- The initial value refers to the value of the wallet as per the Initial Basic price.

3- The current value refers to the current balance of the wallet as per the market/ trading price (this is a dynamic variable since it is affected by the supply and demand).

4- The wallet percentage of the percentage of coins held by the member over the total stock of coins.

5- The market percentage is the percentage of the current value of the member’s wallet divided by the Market Cap.

6- The Daily cash limit is a complex formula which represents the half average of the wallet percentage and the market percentage, powered by the liquidity ratio and multiplied by the current value/ balance of the member.

7- The monthly limit should be 10 times the daily limit if decided that is applicable.

8- The weekly limit should be 2.5 times the daily limit if decided that is applicable.

9- Limits can be applied by account or by a group of accounts (according to the CIF- customer file information). The higher the liquidity line (cash available) the higher the limits, since they are all affected by the liquidity ratio.


* The Exchange company has sent reminders to all the countries which have not provided an answer yet and now we are waiting for responses.

* Regarding the European license – European company was approved and created under the Name ……………………….. with register number (………..). The Exchange company is now in the process of applying for the Licenses that are needed for that company to operate with the exchange in Europe (3 blended Digital Wallet, Exchange and Remittance).

Post date 22 June 2019
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