May 26, 2019

Meeting in Sofia on Friday, May 24th 2019

Good morning to all!

We want you to know and be informed that after the meeting in Sofia with the corporate Friday, May 24th was a success, several very positive agreements have been concluded for the entire onelife network in the world.

1. Dealshaker will be more recent and more operational than ever. With good news for merchants and for the network with an amazing pay plan for the network and professional packages for all. This will make the dealshaker incredibly powerful for the network and for franchisees.

2. The exchange is at the final phase of approval of the usability. "Fe Trader" tests are already under way to check that the block chain and management work perfectly. So we will soon work with the exchange.

3. We are reviewing the documentation on blockchain, blockchain and certify that it normally works and is controlled at 100 % by the onelife network and the German management company.

4. New concepts and products will see the day in the onelife network and its customers.

5. We ask you formally and urgently to unsubscribe from Newdealshaker, the platform and emails that new dealshaker sends, because this platform is no longer part of our ecosystem. So please everyone, leave this platform to no longer receive more emails from this platform. It is clear that these emails are spam and that the people who are responsible for it will be prosecuted before the courts for unfair competition and theft of confidential information.

A big thank you to all for sharing the real and confirmed information of the corporate.

And we continue with the goal of making the ecosystem follow its course.


Julien Zerbini
Blue Diamond & GLG Member
Post date 26 May 2019

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