Aug 16, 2019

Is OneCoin a Pyramid Scheme?

First of all, I want to make a disclaimer that I made this forum to make a neutral ground for people that believe and those that do not believe in this mysterious project called Onecoin. I am not a promoter, I do not sell packages, I am not Onelife IMA but I do have Onecoins that I got with my education packs so I kinda did that because I currently trust in the company good intentions to carry out the great vision.

I do not recommend and give advice to people reading this forum to engage and be part of this project. My role on this forum is to give my personal opinion on most of the topics against Onecoin based on my perception. I did go to Sofia to meet management as a user just to make sure there is someone there and to ask questions, so I kinda trust them. I can be wrong, of course, so please do not take my opinion here as advice.

Just make it an ingredient for your own opinion and decision.

Since accusation of being ponzi can only originate from ignorants who either do not understand what ponzi is or do not understand Onecoin operations and they address only those who work against Onecoin policy. That is kinda dumb. It's like saying police is bad only if some policemen molested you.

One more "argument" is that Onecoin is also illegal pyramid scheme and therefore many EU countries that forbid such doing by law began investigating Onecoin because many public claims and accusations were also addressed to governments so it is natural for the government to investigate what is going on. No direct Onecoin/Onelife investigation finished with the conviction that Onelife is illegal pyramid based on company policies. Italy made verdict against individual leaders because their whole Onelife structure practiced Onelife business as a pyramid. Nothing to do with the company itself.

In Short

Participation is tied to obligatory payment of funds, in most cases substantial amounts – OneLife has no such requirement;

Commissions are solely based on attraction new participants, without any product/service for the value – OneLife commissions are solely based on sales volumes realized by the IMAs;

In the “pyramid selling schemes” there is no real product – OneLife has a real product – educational courses – 7 levels, with video materials, lectures, exercises and tests. Lecturers are reputable persons with the relevant academic experience and expertise;

In the “pyramid selling schemes” participants can’t get their “invested” amounts back – OneLife provides to its members refunds, in case the member decides to not use the product purchased;

In the economic sense the “pyramid selling schemes” are designed to move capitals from one “investment” to another. If you research the economic history you will be able to see that the moment such “investment” disappears the “pyramid scheme” collapses – OneLife is still here and doesn’t show signs for changing its subject of activity and/or subject of its sales;

In Long
"Let's start by making clear what illegal pyramid scheme is. This article in Investopedia explains is.
An individual or a company initiates a pyramid scheme by recruiting investors with an offer of guaranteed high returns. As the scheme begins, the earliest investors do receive a high rate of return, but these gains are paid for by new recruits and are not a return on any real investment. From the moment the scam is initiated, a pyramid scheme's liabilities begin to exceed its assets. The only way it can generate wealth is by promising extraordinary returns to new recruits; the only way these returns receive payment is by getting additional investors. Invariably these schemes lose steam and the pyramid collapses.
Business Pyramids
On their face, multi-level marketing companies are structured like a pyramid. Individuals have the opportunity to invest in their own businesses, which, ostensibly, distribute a product. However, with some companies, the real profit opportunity comes not from selling products but from inducing others into buying into their own business, with a percentage of the investment moving up the hierarchy of recruiters. Among the more high-profile multi-level marketing companies to be investigated as a pyramid scheme is Herbalife Ltd. Herbalife distributors can make money just by selling the company’s products, but they must purchase and sell thousands of dollars' worth of the products before they realize a profit. Critics allege that the company's top recruiters receive the vast majority of profits".
So basically, illegal pyramid schemes are systems where there is no real product involved and more than half to all profits are made solely by recruiting new members and to lure them by offering some big returns from investment but at the end, it boils down that they can only earn money if they recruit more people and that collapses over time. They even mention that Herbalife might be a pyramid, or at least have some pyramid aspects because in order to remain certain rank you are forced to requalify and sometimes that means you need to buy many products. When on certain ranks you are entitled to some royalties and auto ships that might look as a pyramid to someone. I wouldn't go into it whether Herbalife is a pyramid, it might have some aspects of it, but let's see how Onecoin operates, or should we say, Onelife since Onecoin can not be purchased and Onecoin does not sell anything.

If you want to join Onelife and start a business at educating people about cryptocurrencies, you do not need to pay anything. Your mentor that introduced Onelife to you will teach you everything, you will get all Onelife educational material for free. According to Onelife compensation plan you do not even need to purchase Oneacademy education. So, all you need to do is learn the rules, open free account at Onelife and start selling products. You do not need to recruit anyone in order to earn money. Simply educate people on cryptocrurrencies, about Onecoin, explain to them how to get to Onecoins (by purchasing an Educational pack that you sell) and if they believe in the project, when you make a sale, you are entitled some profit of that sale. So you did not recruit your end customer, you just sold him an Educational package, along with it, he got free promotional tokens that granted him Onecoins. If you educated him properly, he will read his education, learn something from it, and he will keep Onecoins and hope for the best (the same as all the ICOs out there only guarantees hope to fundraiser participants) or exchange them to OFC, the future stocks when the company lists on the stock exchange.

So, you joined business for free, you sold education, you got profit out of it. Then you sell 10 more educations, you earn money from it. Next 3 months you sell 500 educations and earn money from it. And you earned that money by recruiting ZERO people.

How is it a pyramid then? It isn't. It's a multilevel marketing company with the legit compensation plan. There are no auto ships, no monthly or yearly requirements, you do not need to requalify for your rank, you earn money ONLY if you make a sale to end user, no need recruiting him and also you earn some small amount of money if some of your friends decided to start selling themselves. They are your downline. So you also earn some small percentage from their sale. It is wrong to bash top leaders who first joined the business for earning so much money because they have hundreds of thousands of people in their downline. Imagine some classic company, top management collects most of the profit, and a very large chunk of profit goes to marketing budget to pay advertisements on TV and such. In MLM, a smaller percent of income remains for company's logistics, and the majority of income is distributed to direct sellers for their effort. That's why is can be better to work in MLM than in classic company because the more you work in a classic company means your bosses will earn more but does not mean you will earn more. In MLM, the more you work is directly reflected on how much you earn.

And since Onelife sells actual products, you do not need to recruit people to be able to earn, and no requirements are being made by the company, this can not be an illegal pyramid.

If some people are using Onecoin as an investment scheme and do not put the focus on Education, if they only ask for payments and if they require you to recruit people, then they work against company's rules. They should get arrested, but that does not mean that Onelife and Onecoin are a pyramid.

The same happened with Bitcoin in Bolivia. The government arrested 60 people for using Bitcoin in a pyramid scheme. Is bitcoin pyramid scheme just because some people used it to practice one? No, it's not. Also bitcoin news made sure to explain that Bolivia acted against pyramid scheme, not against the Bitcon.

But they were so eager to report that India arrested people because of Onecoin, not because they just used Onecoin to practice pyramid scheme against the companies rules. Double standards.

Postdate May 09, 2019

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