May 5, 2019

Welcome Mr. Kay to Hanoi, Vietnam

Congratulations on the event of Mr. Kay, Director of Challenger One Internet Ltd to Hanoi. Mr. Kay sold a huge amount of Gold through Dealshaker with 50% Onecoin. It is a good opportunity for many Vietnamese people to exchange Onecoin for gold.

As a neutral capitalist country, Thailand is more easy to find funding. They have a huge amount of foreign capital to be able to sell gold with payment of 50% Onecoin. The project of selling gold through Dealshaker has been for 6 months, then where will it go? Short-term forecasts are always the headaches of merchants. As people often say: business with profits up to 40% per month, Even if hanged, the businessman still rushed in. Gold Dragon project is the tale of social network in few months, there is still no satisfactory explanation. I can't say much either. Right now, I can only note that, contrary to the customs of Vietnamese people, Chinese tycoons often do business without saying anything.

The Gold Dragon Company, the English name is Challenger One Internet Ltd, based in Phichit Province - Thailand, the main business is real estate, it is known that they own thousands of hectares of land and are implementing some projects, construction of houses and villas in Phichit. In addition, the company is implementing a number of large real estate projects near Pattaya and Bangkok.

The deputy director of Gold Dragon Company is Mr. P Don, a construction businessman.

Onelife Vietnamese teamworks often stay at Mr. P Don's house. Below is a photo taken in the newly built street block.

Address: Tambon Sak Lek, Amphoe Sak Lek, Chang Wat Phichit 66160, Thailand.
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Long had a chance to meet Mr. P. Don

It is known that Mr. Kay's teamwork to Hanoi and Hai Phong city has procedures to import Mercedes cars, E350 to Vietnam. Cars purchase contract in Thailand, with 70% Onecoin, limited quantity comes with Gold Dragon project. The teamwork came in Daewoo hotel, after arriving at Noi Bai airport on May 4, 2019.

Mr. Trinh and his wife welcomed Kay's family in Hanoi, May 4, 2019

The Gold Dragon company office is right next to Ban Dong Ho Chi Minh Museum
Address: Pa Makhap, Mueang Phichit, Phichit, Thailand.
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The Nest Hotel Phichit is the usual hotel of Vietnamese groups.
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Mr. Kay delivered Mercedes, GLC300, 5 units, in Hai Phong and Hanoi, which is the first series of 50 cars sold in Thailand with 70% Onecoin payment.

Postdate May 05, 2019
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