May 14, 2019

Europe is finally waking up to face the truth about OneCoin allegations!

From the compliance today, 14/5/2019

Europe is finally waking up to face the truth about OneCoin allegations

America, it’s your turn!

As you all know, since the establishment of OneCoin, we have been constantly and viciously attacked by unfair business competitors, mostly out of jealousy for what we have achieved in spreading knowledge worldwide about finance, economics, cryptocurrencies and the future of payments. Surely, you all have heard the most “common” allegation against us – maliciously fed to authorities, the police in and outside of Europe, and the public in general, namely that our business model, in which you all participate, somehow resembles a pyramid scheme, a Ponzi-scheme or whatever they choose to call it, in short some kind of illegal activity in the disguise of an MLM-structure.

Some years ago, similar groundless claims have come to the attention of Swedish authorities which they have found worthy of investigation. In addition to that OneCoin activities were reported to the police by the Swedish Gaming Authority with the argument that those activities were in breach of the Swedish Gaming law. Shortly after, this “story”, concerning OneCoin, has been reported on the news, and then referenced further in many outlets on- and offline, giving those claims media resonance for months. These allegations have now been put to the test and have failed spectacularly! Of course, the Swedish police did conduct an investigation following the allegations of the Gaming Authority (as they should). Тhey could not know the truth before becoming convinced in the poor quality of the legal analysis behind the report), and today we know the outcome of it: The Swedish police came to the conclusion found that no charges of wrong-doing could be proved, and that the investigation into the matter was closed - twice, on February 6th, 2017 and on January 16th, 2018.

On May 2nd, 2019 the Swedish Gaming Authority (Spelinspektionen) has confirmed to our lawyers that there are no ongoing proceedings before the authority regarding the allegations against OneCoin. Long story in short - the matter is closed.

So, there we have it: In a Scandinavian country where consumer protection is highly developed, the OneCoin concept has been subject to the most rigorous test of legality and has passed it! The Gaming law of Sweden is of EU origin, and so the conclusion in Sweden should hold for the rest of Europe and be applicable for other European countries.

And last but not least – we are impatiently waiting for the real reasons behind the indictment of Konstantin Ignatov and his incarceration to come to light. And surely after that it will become clear to the open public – the allegations against him will be as “truthful” and “reliable” as was the legal analysis of the Swedish Gaming Authority from 2016.

Searching for the truth is usually a long and unpleasant process – it is hard and takes time, but it always prevails. We are positive that this will happen in the United States of America as well.

Post date 14 May 2019
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