Apr 26, 2019

Today, Konstantin Ignatov will attend a hearing in USA

On April 26, 2019 Leader Konstantin Ignatov will attend the hearing on the allegations filed by the US investigating agency (FBI) to detain him in Los Angeles last month. Hearing is actually a session of consultation with stakeholders before deciding on something.

In this case, because the FBI made some charges against Konstantin as the CEO of OneCoin / OneLife, they were able to detain Leader again to investigate and seek prosecution (court). If the charge (charge) is clear, the case will immediately be transferred to the Court for trial, however, because of insufficient evidence, there are innocent judgments of foreign prosecutors. in this regard, the District Court in the United States wondered not to immediately decide an accusation trial, but they had to hold a hearing to hear the parties' opinions before deciding what to do next.

Either way, OneCoin /OneLife will appear in the world press tomorrow with clear evidence of legitimacy, transparency and superiority that Chief Konstantin and his colleagues will make in the hearing, meaning OneCoin /OneLife won from the beginning on promotion.

During the hearing if Chief Konstantin (along with the legal department and famous lawyer Jeffrey Lichtman) denied the allegations, OneCoin /OneLife will become famous and legal in the US to be able to open up a huge market. In case the result is not satisfactory, the Court may decide to accept the matter and the Onecoin Group will start a new legal battle. The worst case if the US still tries to ban Onecoin, then after a while, the American people feel disadvantaged because without Onecoin will also require lifting the ban.

In all cases where OneCoin will still go to the Exchange (with the US or not), Dealshaker will still grow even in the US (because Dealshaker is a non-OneLife legal entity, but there is no reason to banned and in fact, the FBI did not mention anything about Dealshaker.)

There is luck in risk, not knowing which one is bigger, but this time I did not feel too nervous because I believed in OneCoin's final victory.

Translation by Doan Huu Long
Postdate 26 Apr, 2019

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  1. Dios Bendiga al capitán y nuestra gran compañía Onelife.

  2. America will be left behind if you dont accept cryptocurrency or make regulations on legality of this next evolution of money in your country.

  3. Với những bằng chứng rõ ràng về tính hợp pháp, sự minh bạch và tính ưu việt mà Thủ lĩnh Konstantin cùng cộng sự sẽ đưa ra trong phiên điều trần, nghĩa là OneCoin/OneLife đã thắng ngay từ đầu về quảng bá ... Vậy sao phiên điều trần sơ bộ của Konstantin tại Mỹ đã bị hoãn lại đến 27/05/2019. Konstantin thích ngồi tù thêm 30 ngày để chờ đợi phán quyết ??? Konstantin chấp nhận ngồi tù nên muốn có thêm thời gian đàm phán để giảm thời gian ngồi tù sau này.

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