Sep 1, 2019

Exchange Update Summery (Part 1-4)


*PART 1:*

♦ONE will be listed in an Exchange soon. Process is ongoing.

♦Token will be reduced to mitigate the price fluctuation of ONE in the exchange

♦Fiat-Crypto, Crypto-Fiat, Crypto-Crypto Remittence service will be in action

♦In Remittance service- individuals & companies will be able to make immediate transfer of Fiat & Crypto all over the world

*PART 2:*

♦There will be variety of Cryptocurrencies and Fiat currencies in the exchange

♦Price of ONE will depend on the demand & supply based on volumes stored in global wallets & volume traded

♦Remittance service will be in very competitive (cheap) price than others

♦When someone will send remittance, the sender’s Fiat currency will be converted to ONE, go to the beneficiary and converted back to Fiat currency. That’s how Remittance service will gear up the demand of ONE.

♦Liquidity account and Limits are mandatory for the Exchange

*PART 3:*

♦Operational phases:

Phase 1: Non-European license has already released

Phase 2: European license- applied for

Phase 3: Other countries- will be on a priority basis

Phase 4: Countries which ban crypto. Will negotiate with governments

♦Exchange will start to work in most Non Regulated Jurisdictions (government doesn’t regulate the exchange yet) where Cryptocurrency trading is not ban. Company is sending notification of activity to all those country’s authorities to comply with local laws.

♦People of most of the countries of Latin America, Africa & Russia can operate on the Exchange unless meanwhile there is a new regulation that forbid.

*PART 4:*

♦Cryptocurrencies included in the Exchange (in process of approval):

•​Bitcoin (BTC)
•​Ethereum (ETH)
•​Bitcoin cash (BCH)
•​Litecoin (LTC)
•​Dogecoin (DOGE)
•​Basic Attention Token (BAT)
•​Neo (NEO)
•​Ripple (XRP)
•​Stellar (XLM)
•​Dash (DASH)
•​OneCoin (ONE)
•​USD Tether (USDT)
•​Aeternity (AE)
•​OmiseGO (OMG)
•​0x (0x)
•​Revian (R)

♦Fiat currencies including in the Exchange (in process of approval ):

•​Australian Dollar
•​Bahraini Dinar
•​Brazilian Real
•​British Pound
•​Canadian Dollar
•​Chilean Peso
•​Chinese Yuan Renminbi
•​Czech Koruna
•​Danish Krone
•​Hong Kong Dollar
•​Philippines Pesos

Postdate 30 Apr, 2019
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