Jun 4, 2019

Challenger One Internet Limited loss of liquidity

On May 25, 2019, we received a notice from Onelife Company that the NewDealshaker website has been terminated, and fired Duncan Arthur, director of the Dealshaker project. When Duncan Arthur renounced the Onelife Company, he dragged the project's best IT team. This event did not affect too much to OneLife Company but seriously affected to Dealshaker in Thailand.

Kontanstin Ignatov, the top leader of Onecoin is very confident in Mr. Duncan. They made some agreements in Thailand together. These secret proposal could very well include the Thai Royal Family and some Chinese tycoons about the establishment of Onecoin Bank, Asia's largest One Exchange platform in Thailand .... We cannot know the content as well as the partners involved in the agreements with Mr. Duncan. But to my knowledge: after Ducan renounced Onelife, the Dealshaker projects in Thailand were severely affected. This event is very unexpected, most of the gold buying leader in Thailand are unpredictable.

Asia's largest One Exchange platform should place in China because it accounts for 40% of Onelife members and China Union Pay is also the unique bank wire payment gateway in the OneLife website. But after the 20th Congress of the Chinese Communist Party, the situation changed 180°. In July 2017, the Chinese government suddenly launched a ban on all ICOs (Initial Coin Offering in China, including Onecoin). The Chinese tycoons, secret Onelife sponsor, was forced to divert from China to another location. Thailand is most likely their destination.

Onecoin members already know that we are in the global currency war, involving many tycoon groups.

According to Tuoi Tre Newspaper on December 31, 2018, Thailand is becoming a leading country in Southeast Asia in the field of cryptocurrency when it recognizes up to 8 cryptocurrencies. While many countries in the world are still arguing about cryptocurrency, Thailand is considered one of the leading countries in open policies for cryptocurrency. With a dream of becoming a "cryptocurrency center", Thailand has quickly issued regulations to allow cryptocurrency trading. They also revised tax laws so that they could collect taxes on various types of transactions related to cryptocurrency...


Sudden changes in Thailand are not accidental but take place after Duncan's Delegation to Thailand. In this time, Challenger One Internet Limited appeared and sold gold without any limit, and also introduced some great real estate projects with billionaires of Hong Kong, and called capital with Onecoin...

The sale of gold, payment of 50% Onecoin starting from 11/2018 and stop the liquidity at the end of May, 2019. Therefore, the liquidity is quite regular for about 6 months. So in my personal opinion, the Golden Dragon project is not simply a Ponzi scheme, nor is it a sponsored business project, not even a charitable activity but much more blind complicated. Note that sponsored business is a violation of fair competition laws in most European and American countries, so it is confidential and there is no official notice.

Mr Kontanstin was arrested in the US with a third trial on July 19, 2019 in New York as a remarkable event, and the sudden situation deteriorated after Mr Duncan was fired. Committing to liquidate 20% of the coins that contributed to the Dealshaker projects in Thailand became desperate because the Sofia office was not interested in Duncan's plan. The emergency meeting at Sofia office in late May 2019 with news leaked out, combined with what is happening at Golden Dragon project, we can see Duncan's Dealshaker Thailand plan went bankrupt. So we need to change the action plan, before it's too late.

In any case, the Golden Dragon project is also facing a serious shortage of capital and a continuous loss of liquidity two investment cycles. We boldly propose the current solution to withdraw orderly money, reduce losses and unnecessary risks. Specifically, there should not be much expectation but try to collect the return on investment for safety! Because this is a business activity that has a risk that it is great to preserve the capital when having trouble.

Investors trust Mr. Kay is still able to pursue the Golden Dragon project, however the rules of the "Onecoin News" clearly state: "Information and opinions given in this group are not considered investment consultation."

Doan Huu Long
June 4, 2019
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