Jun 14, 2016

CoinRush: Tóm tắt sự kiện Onecoin tại London 11/06

Tóm tắt sự kiện CoinRush tại London của 1 "Thợ mỏ" đã có 30 năm làm việc thật đáng để đọc và "tưởng tượng" ra tương lai của chúng ta vào cuối năm 2016. Có hơn 10 nội dung chính được tạm dịch như sau:

1. OneCoin trở thành OneLife: Một Công Ty Mới.
2. Ra mắt website OneLife.eu
3. Ra mắt website OneAcademy.eu
4. Ra mắt giao diện mới cho website Onecoin.eu
5. Ra mắt App OneLife Network trên App Store và CH Play.
6. Thành tích OneCoin tính đến Tháng Sáu 2016.
7. Mục tiêu mới cho OneLife Network.
8. OneAcademy nâng cấp lên 7 cấp độ.
9. OneCoin Cloud Storage Thách thức Hacker!
10. Sản phẩm mới hữu hình.
11. OneCoin Thanh khoản Giai đoạn I: Xây dựng App cho Di động (Mobile App Builder - MAB)
12. OneCoin Thanh khoản Giai đoạn II: Thương gia Chấp nhận OneCoin
13. OneCoin Thanh khoản Giai đoạn III: Thị trường ngoại hối (FOREX) & Thương mại Công cộng.
14. OneCoin Blockchain Mở rộng.

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Ngày đăng 14/06/2016
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CoinRush: OneCoin London Event Summary
This page about the OneCoin London Event is so important to read and I know it is long but some of the best news is at the end but don’t jump to the end to see what it is. Read all the way through, try to take it in and just imagine where your life could be at the end of 2016.

CoinRush, the OneCoin London Event was incredible. Through life I have learned to hope for huge things but to set realistic expectations. In OneCoin’s cutting edge industry of cryptocurrency you can expect twists and turns so you need to learn to “roll with the punches.” Registration for CoinRush started at 1pm and we were late getting there after enjoying a nice lunch with team members and taking a slow taxi ride through a busy London because of the Queen’s birthday. We did arrive around 3:15 and there were lines of people waiting to get their tickets. It was great to see OneCoin miners from all over the world; Eastern and Western Europe, Asia, Australia, North, South and Central America. Europeans definitely ruled the meeting. The meeting was well organized and people were orderly and respectful like one large family. A great spirit of mutual camaraderie was felt and the desire to help one another was paramount. The meeting was high energy with all the excitement and incredible announcements and here are the primary highlights of the OneCoin London Event. My personal highlight was to see Dr. Ruja, like a proud mama, speak protectively of OneCoin and the millions of miners that have joined her on the mission to change the world in the financial revolution.

The second best part of the OneCoin London Event to me after seeing Dr. Ruja speak was the fact that Dr. Ruja saw to it and worked tirelessly for six months to make sure that all the items announced in London would be ready to launch or at the time stated that they would. While we were sitting there in the Wembley Arena the new OneCoin and OneLife Network websites went live and the mobile app was ready to download on both the Google Play and Apple Store networks. That is a sign of vision, organization and professionalism. Since I registered with OneCoin in April of 2015, I can’t think of one time that I was let down by Dr. Ruja or the company. With an experience of working with companies for over 30 years I can count on one hand the number of companies that have been as reliable as the OneLife Network.

1. OneCoin Becomes OneLife: A New Company Name

Changing the name of a company almost always causes alarm as people begin to wonder from past negative experiences if the company is “pulling the carpet” out from under them and one new OneCoin miner came to me with the question immediately after the OneCoin London Event. This is especially true with new miners that have not had the chance to vet the company and leadership like Dr. Ruja Ignatova.

The change was explained that OneCoin is a brand, it is a cryptocurrency with the intentions of becoming a type of world reserve cryptocurrency. OneCoin will be used as a payment solution, a remittance service that will compete with service companies like Western Union and Money Gram.

The new name, OneLife Network is reflective of the global network community that has developed to 12 million registered OneCoin miners in just a year and a half. The OneLife website reflects right around 2 million registered users because this is the number of people that have purchased a OneCoin package. Ten million registered people that have not yet upgraded their position is significant and it should be a goal of all OneCoin miners to help these people understand what they will miss out on if they do not upgrade their position by October 1, 2016 (see the section below on the cutoff date for doubling their coins).

The OneCoin website will continue to exist for each OneLife Network member but will not reflect a referral, network or affiliate marketing opportunity and have education about cryptocurrency. With intentions for a free public trading experience of the OneCoin cryptocurrency by the end of 2016 this transition will support separating the coin from the company. At the time of a free trading experience on an exchange, individuals will not have to register with OneCoin but will be able to buy and sell OneCoin in a free open exchange marketplace.

The new OneLife Network will offer and support additional products and services, which are mentioned below. An additional benefit of the separation of the OneCoin brand name from the OneLife Network name is that if for some reason the OneLife Network was discontinued the coin would continue to be traded and serve its intended purposes.

2. New OneCoin Website Released

While the old OneCoin website was highly functional and worked great on mobile devices, the company has launched a new website that is even better. A new look with the colors of the OneCoin logo with a new top menu and other content that is exceptional. This website functions even better on mobile devices and the security level is beyond reproach.

3. Release Of OneLife Network Mobile App

While the OneCoin website and the new OneLife Network are both fully functional websites that are perfectly responsive the company has launched a new OneLife Network mobile application that was ready to download while we were sitting in the OneCoin London Event listening to Dr Ruja speak about the new company releases. The mobile app is on both Google Play for Android devices and the Apple Store for use on iOS mobile devices. With this application OneLife Network members can access their accounts on the go and run their businesses.

4. June 2016 OneCoin Achievements

Since the company launched in September of 2014 there has been record setting growth. OneCoin, now the OneLife Network is the fastest growing company in history having reached 1 billion in revenue in just over 13 months. The company continues to experience incredible global expansion and here is a list of key statistics as of today.

A note to make before the list of achieved ranks is that a higher rank does not necessarily mean a higher income. The OneLife compensation plan is extremely rewarding and it based on direct sales and not having people pay a mandatory monthly auto-ship to qualify for compensation. The compensation plan is straight forward and simple to understand. What does the higher rank symbolize then? It is a badge of leadership and team development since rank advancement requires that you have other advancing ranks in your organization. With that stated lets proceed to the statistics.

12 Million registered accounts
2 Million paid accounts
700,000 OneCoins mined
5,000,000,000 Capital value
8,000 members earning a maximum monthly income of $160,000
320 Millionaires from commissions
2,500 Millionaires from OneCoin value
Current Rank Statistics
Crown Diamond – 4
Black Diamond – 14
Blue Diamond – 45
Diamond – 257
Emerald – 1,017
Ruby – 6,100
Sapphire – 26,112

5. New Goals For The OneLife Network

The original goal of Dr. Ruja was to have 50,000 registered and active OneCoin Miners within the first year. It was exceeded beyond all expectations with over one million registered miners. Dr. Ruja had also stated from the beginning that she wanted to see OneCoin in the top 3 cryptocurrencies worldwide and OneCoin is currently #1 and #2 from different aspects.
Here is the new list of goals for the OneLife Network to achieve.
A. 10 million registered and active users
B. 1 million registered merchants (read more about merchants below)
C. To be the #1 Cryptocurrency in the world in market capitalization and registered user base

6. New OneLife Events Website Launched

This was another great announcement, that the OneLife Network launched an event website in which all the global events can be posted and this is open to all the registered members. Both singular and on-going events can be posted so that new team members and prospects can easily know where they can go to meet OneLife Network members and learn about the company. You can go here to view the website and see local, national or global events and purchase tickets as required.

7. OneCoin Cloud Storage Hack Challenge

The OneLife Network is confident they cannot be hacked and to prove this they have issued a $100,000 EUR challenge to any hacker that can hack into their cloud system. A limited space cloud storage solution is offered to all OneLife Network members and if more space is needed they can upgrade to an account that offers more storage solution. In our current digital world it is important to know not only that your files are backed up but that sensitive files cannot be accessed by pirates, hackers and others that want a “free lunch.” Click here to go to the website.

8. OneAcademy Upgraded To Seven Levels

The OneAcademy cryptocurrency education started as the primary product and service of the OneLife Network. To educate people about cryptocurrency and its role in the future of the global payment systems becoming more digital and even countries tending more and more towards being cashless. There are seven levels and the number of levels a user has the ability to access is based on the OneCoin package that they have purchased. The OneCoin package gives the person the opportunity to experience the process of mining cryptocurrency, buying and selling on an exchange, learning about a blockchain and a lot more information that is associated with the cryptocurrency marketplace.

9. New Tangible Product Released

In keeping with OneLife as being a trending technology company, they are launching the OneTablet smart tablet that will sell for 550 EUR and will also offer sellers 550 BV in a new commission structure. This means that the tablet offers a secondary income stream to that of OneCoin sales and commissions. There will be 2,000 tablets that make up a limited edition and will be ready for ordering on Monday, June 13, 2016.
This is an exciting movement of OneLife into tangible technology products and is only the beginning of products and services that will continue to come to the OneLife Network to offer the world.

10. OneCoin Spendable Phase I: Mobile App Builder (MAB).

In the world of business and merchants it is essential that you have a way to build a database list of your clients, users, customers or subscribers. Email lists have been helpful in the past but it has become progressively harder to get emails delivered into people inboxes and despite that, people don’t check their email as much as they use to. Now, people carry smart phones and check for text messages even if they have no indication that they received a new text message. This is the best way to communicate with a list of followers or subscribers, push notifications from a mobile application installed on a smart phone or tablet.

With this new mobile app builder (MAB) companies and individuals can create their own mobile app or have one built for them. This is a great tool for OneLife members too. It goes beyond the simple building of a mobile app however, the small and medium size business will the choice to integrate their products and services in the OneCoin payment solution. They will be able to sell their products and/or services and receive OneCoin as a form of payment. This is powerful and you, as the referrer will be able to make commissions on the volume of sales done by that merchant. This shows incredible planning and visionary thinking by Dr. Ruja and those that she relies on for counsel.

11. OneCoin Spendable Phase II: Merchants Accept OneCoin

Incredible vision and planning to put this 3-phase strategy together to launch OneCoin to merchants as a way to accept payment for their goods and/or services. The merchants that built an app will be able to begin accepting OneCoin as a form of payment and this estimated time of arrival (ETA) for this service is the end of 2016.

12. OneCoin Spendable Phase III: FOREX & Public Trading.

The plan is to have OneCoin available on Forex platforms being exchanged for any currency and then to be publicly traded on a global scale and this is all planned for the end of 2016. This should be so exciting to all current OneCoin miners and those who accumulate as many OneCoins as possible by September 30th and you will understand why this date is so important as you keep reading.

13. OneCoin Blockchain Expansion.

What? Huh? Really? No Way!

Yes, and prepare to really take this in. Read it and soak it in and imagine again where you could be at the end of 2016. With the incredible demand for OneCoin that is not slowing down, Dr. Ruja realized that even more than she imagined was going to need to be done for global expansion. Currently the blockchain would allow for 2.1 billion OneCoin but that is going to expand to 120 billion, yes, 120 billion! This puts OneCoin at a higher number than the Ripple coin. Not only will we have a much larger number of OneCoins but the time it will take to mine the OneCoins will be sped up. Currently, it is taking as long as 100 days for orders to be filled when in April of 2015 orders were being filled in just 2 weeks. Dr. Ruja expects orders will be fulfilled within one week with the new blockchain. In order to accomplish these goals the current blockchain and OneCoins will have to be retired.

Like others, you might be wondering what does this mean to retire my existing OneCoins, am I getting scammed? If you are having those thoughts I encourage you to figure out how to put them away and have confidence in Dr. Ruja and her plans to create an amazing future for OneLife, OneCoin and all the members. You need confidence if you want to build a OneCoin business. As Juha so eloquently stated it at the Coinrush OneCoin London Event, “OneCoin is in 214 countries and you can trust 214 countries or the sh#t that is on the Internet.” Please, do yourself a favor and do real due diligence and not read some blog that makes money peddling anything people want to read. Here is a post about the OneCoin scam. Here is a post about Dr. Ruja Ignatova.

Excuse me, I got so passionate I forget to answer the question, “What happens to my current OneCoins?” Well, it gets even better than what will happen to your existing but it also incorporates your existing tokens that have not yet split and/or yielded your OneCoins. Are you ready? For every OneCoin that you possess on your dashboard or you are waiting for from a split, you will get two coins on the new blockchain. Do you need me to repeat that or do you want me to repeat that? Oh Yeah! You will get two OneCoins for every OneCoin that you have by the end of September, this will only be available until September 30th and the switch will happen on October 1st and will only happen once in the history of the OneLife Network.

This means that you want to accumulate all the OneCoins you can before that time. You can even purchase a package on September 30, 2016 and still get the benefits. If you don’t know by know, Dr. Ruja is a very generous lady and wants to reward all of the early adopters of OneCoin that made the OneLife Network an incredible success.



The Coinrush OneCoin London Event exceeded any and all expectations that I had or could have had. My eyes teared more than once and after the event a number of team leaders had dinner together and even more was shared about the exceedingly bright future of OneLife and OneCoin so keep up with the company, join our newsletter if you haven’t and register with one our our amazing team members if you haven’t yet by clicking here so you can get registered with OneCoin and change your future.

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